Are you a loyal follower of Snapmaker 2.0 Modular? Well, I am sure by now you know the new unleashed module, the Snapmaker 10 W laser! The upgraded 10W Snapmaker laser module is designed to fit any Snapmaker AT and F models. With this new module, all Snapmaker users are highly empowered and given new opportunities to improve their printing experience.

A powerful laser module must be added for successful 3D printing and engraving. Amazingly, it plays a crucial role in the buildup process. Therefore, if you want to take your printing expertise to a higher level, this is the correct add-on to your 3D printer. So, adding our Snapmaker 3D laser cutter machine to your 3D printer improves its functionality.

We desire to bring out the best in your 3D printing capabilities and help you achieve anything you can imagine. That is why we came up with this model. This model boasts new capabilities, including improved autofocus and an upgraded built-in camera to capture the work surface and help you visualize and align your print perfectly to the surface for perfect results. What is even unique is that the best laser for 3D printer has endless outstanding features. Let’s see each of these features.

  • The new laser module for CNC has a sensor detector that ensures the module gets correctly installed so the laser points to the working area, thus reducing equipment damage or accidents.
  • The Snapmaker 10W laser is also compatible with the Snapmaker Luban software, allowing users to upgrade to the newer modules without worrying about the new learning curve.
  • With the Snapmaker laser calibration on its screen module, calibrating your machine is simple! Moreover, it guides the users in the easiest way possible.
  • An in-built camera that enables autofocus and capturing features during printing; therefore, it allows for editing the design in the exact position and producing natural 3D objects.
  • The 10W laser module comes with the most cutting-edge laser beam splitters, affecting a power leap from 5W to 10W, making it possible with various materials, and bringing the best out of your project.
  • The work speed of the module is remarkable.
  • It has Fast-axis Collimating FAC lenses inserted in both laser diodes; the module first compresses the laser spot of each laser diode. Then, it integrates the laser beams of both laser diodes, resulting in a greater output level and ultra-fine laser focus, which allows for higher energy density. As a result, the tiny laser focus and the higher power deliver high-quality laser works with impeccable details!
  • It has a large Aluminum grid table, which allows the smoke to be thoroughly exhausted and leaves enough space for laser penetration.

As the saying goes, only the strong ones will make it through, and so will the printer equipped with the Snapmaker 3D laser cutter machine. So, suppose you don’t know what to do. In that case, I recommend you increase your printer’s power, quality, and functionality by adding a Snapmaker 10W high-power laser to your 3D printer! So, if you need this power module, the best way is to visit our website to place your order.

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