As the top producer of electric sex dolls in the world, Sex Dolls Station has enabled its clients to construct the ideal companion, regardless of gender, and we have given everyone access to the greatest electric sex dolls available.

Men have always been attracted to synthetics. In the eighth century A.D., Ovid wrote a myth called Metamorphosis about Galatea, an ivory sculpture whose owner became obsessed with her and did everything from bathe her to feed her to sleep with her. Ultimately, Aphrodite transformed Galatea into a real woman. Sex dolls were illegally concealed for millennia until 1968, when mail-order sexual gadgets became legal and were first shown in pornographic periodicals.

Since then, anatomically accurate, high-end sex dolls have become more sophisticated and are used for friendship, love, sex, and art. So far, the man has been the only one to enjoy these dolls. Sex Dolls Station has attended to each client’s requirements and made an effort to offer the finest possible service in every way.


Sex Dolls Station offers sex dolls in height ranges of 135 to 165 cm. You may also choose from white, fair, tanned, coco, and black for the skin tone of your electric sex doll. Additionally, you may pick the eye color that best suits your needs. We provide three different mouth shapes. 1. A standard mouth without a tongue; 2. A mouth with a tongue that may be removed; and 3. A mouth where the tongue is fixed, much like in a real mouth. Additionally, you have the option of choosing a solid breast with matching nipple size and color, a gel breast, or a hollow breast. In addition, you have the option to customize your pubic hair kind and nail color to suit your preferences.

Warming of the Body

To improve your sex experience and up the closeness level, we include body warmth in our electric sex dolls, so you’ll feel like you’re having sex with a real lady. With the addition of a new function, Moaning Sex Dolls Station’s electric sex dolls now allow you to experience the authentic pleasure of sex by making your doll moan like a real woman during sex.

Because of their medical-fit TPE substance and potential metal skeleton, our electric sex dolls feel authentic to the touch and can be used in any scenario you might imagine. Three distinct holes are included with our sex dolls: oral, vaginal, and anal.

We guarantee that you will receive the same doll that you chose from the photo. It translates to “sex doll” perfection. One sex doll, one wig, one clothing set (hot lingerie, delivered at random), and a cleaning pot are all included in our sex doll bundle.

Sex Dolls Station is the only firm which you can trust, our customer reviews are available on the website which speaks to our success. Visit our website at to learn more and to delve further into the world of Sex Dolls Station.

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