When it comes to problems with leg veins, you tend to seek treatments with the help of a podiatrist. While you may seek for latest treatment for varicose veins, you will know podiatrists will try out some new ways to treat your leg veins. 

While podiatrists will provide minimally invasive vein treatment options for your leg veins, you will get relief from the aesthetic challenges and discomfort posed by spider and varicose veins. It is seen that treatments for leg veins have witnessed remarkable progress in this new year. 

It is also seen that outdated treatment methods for leg veins have given way to more effective and gentle treatments for leg veins. You will be able to shorten your discomfort and lengthy recovery time, once you have such procedures for your leg veins. 

It is fair to say that the landscape for leg vein treatment has significantly changed from past years, and has embraced the new trends and technologies. 

When you will deal with varicose veins and spider veins in the new year, you will have improved and exciting choices of treatments. It is time to take a closer look at those trending and improved choices of treatments for leg veins in this article. 

Injection Treatment 

While sclerotherapy has evolved in a new way this year, it will become a trending procedure for leg vein treatment. While podiatrists will inject a special substance or foam into the affected veins, you will feel great relief. 

While the foam will heal your veins and seal them closed. While podiatrists will guide the injection into the vein by ultrasound, they will be able to treat more than one vein in the same session. 

While podiatrists will perform this procedure under local anesthesia, you will get relief from your problems. While healthy veins will take over those damaged veins, those damaged veins will not have blood anymore. 

Laser Therapy or Endovenous Thermal Ablation

When you think removal of spider and varicose veins, you will know that podiatrists will thermal ablation as a trendy way to treat these conditions. While there will be the use of a thin tube called a catheter, podiatrists will use a laser to heat and close those damaged veins. 

While the ultrasound will be used to visualize these veins, podiatrists will place the catheter through your skin and into the damaged vein. The radiofrequency electrode will heat vessels and will seal damaged veins. 

While the treatment will be done on an outpatient basis, you will know podiatrists may handle some cases as inpatients. 

Radiofrequency Treatment

When talking about trending treatments for varicose veins, podiatrists will use radiofrequency ablation treatment. There will be heating of the varicose vein wall using radiofrequency energy. While podiatrists will insert a catheter into a vein, they will perform a small cut in the knee. 

There will be the insertion of the probe into a catheter that will send radiofrequency energy. While the energy will heat the vein, the walls will collapse. There will be sealing of veins. Once the treatment is complete, you will reduce vein pain in the leg treatment will gradually go away.

Once the vein seals, the blood will flood into healthy veins. Podiatrists will use local anesthesia, as they perform this procedure. 

Compression Stockings 

When you are looking for new trendy techniques for reducing vein pain in leg treatment, you will know that podiatrists will ask you to wear compression stockings. While sleeping, you will need to wear these stockings. 

While you will need to check that these stockings fit in your legs tightly, you should take them off after getting up from bed. Once podiatrists show you the wearing process of these stockings, you will never get frustrated. 


When it comes to the removal of varicose veins, podiatrists will try out micro–phlebectomy. It is a minimally and latest technique, where podiatrists will make several insertions under your skin. Without damaging good leg veins, podiatrists will be able to remove damaged veins. 

While podiatrists will use local anesthesia, they will identify those damaged veins in your legs. It is seen patients will be able to start their normal activities immediately after the treatment is over. 

While micro-phlebectomy is the best treatment for varicose veins, you will be advised to refrain from strenuous activities. 

Venaseal Treatment or Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Occlusion

While podiatrists will perform leg vein treatment, they will use the VenaSeal procedure, which is new in the market. The treatment will work differently from radiofrequency and thermal laser ablation. 

VenaSeal treatment is only non – tumescent and non–clerosant procedure that has been approved by recent medical studies. While it is the best treatment for varicose veins, podiatrists will use medical adhesive to seal varicose veins. 

While the treatment will divert blood to healthy veins, the treatment will close the vein. 

Non-Thermal, Non-Tumescent Procedures

While there have been some old procedures for the treatment of veins, which will make an impression this year as well, podiatrists will see new lights in non- thermal non – tumescent procedures. The procedure will not heat the veins and will close them off. 

Podiatrists will not use any anesthesia, as the procedure will not require any heating of veins. While it is known as the latest treatment for varicose veins, there will be fewer pinpricks. 

  • Varithena

Varithena will be another new type of varicose vein treatment, which will be used by podiatrists in a new way. While podiatrists will inject foam bubbles into your veins, your veins will gradually spasm and close off. 

The treatment is suitable for patients who have prior clots in their veins. 

  • Clarivein

When it comes to the best treatment for varicose veins, podiatrists will use Clarivein which will not require any fluid for treatment of leg veins. In this procedure, podiatrists will place a catheter in the vein and advance up leaky veins. 

  • Venefit

Venefit will be a new version of endovenous laser ablation. When podiatrists will use this procedure, they will use a controlled type of heat from radiofrequency energy to treat leg veins. 

Final Words

If you have entered the new year with troubled varicose veins, you will know that there are ten trendy treatments for such problems. Once these treatments are done, you will be able to move freely and show off your leg skin.