Candles have transcended their traditional role as a mere source of light to become a staple in home decor, relaxation rituals, and aromatherapy. With an overwhelming variety available, finding the perfect candle can be a delightful yet challenging task. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the top ten stores where you can discover the best candles, offering a diverse range of scents, styles, and qualities to suit every preference and occasion.

Surf’s Up Candle:

Surf’s Up Candle – Ride the Waves of Fragrance! Discover an immersive olfactory experience with Surf’s Up Candle, where the essence of coastal living meets artisanal craftsmanship. Indulge in a curated collection of hand-poured soy wax candles, each capturing the spirit of the ocean breeze and sun-soaked shores. From fresh sea breezes to tropical escapes, Surf’s Up Candle offers a diverse range of scents to transform your space into a beachside retreat. Dive into a world of premium-quality candles that evoke the serenity of coastal living and prioritize sustainability with eco-friendly materials. Elevate your ambience with Surf’s Up Candle – where the surf meets the senses! Catch the wave of savings with Surf’s Up Candle coupon code.

Bath & Body Works:

Renowned for its extensive selection of candles, Bath & Body Works is a go-to destination for candle enthusiasts. The store offers an array of fragrances, from soothing lavender to festive holiday scents. With various candle sizes and styles, including three-wick candles and decorative jars, Bath & Body Works provides both quality and aesthetics.


For those seeking luxury and sophistication in candle choices, Diptyque stands as an iconic brand. Known for its high-quality ingredients and elegant designs, Diptyque candles elevate the ambience of any space. From the classic Baies to exotic scents like Figuier, Diptyque offers a curated collection of fragrances crafted with precision.

Yankee Candle:

Yankee Candle is synonymous with quality candles and an extensive fragrance range. Whether you prefer the comforting scent of Vanilla Cupcake or the crisp notes of Clean Cotton, Yankee Candle caters to diverse tastes. Their large jar candles and signature scents make them a favourite for creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

Nest Fragrances:

Nest Fragrances is celebrated for its exquisite scents and elegant packaging. The brand offers a range of candles featuring sophisticated and nuanced fragrances. With options like Grapefruit, Bamboo, and Moroccan Amber, Nest Fragrances adds a touch of luxury to your home while delivering a captivating olfactory experience.

Jo Malone:

Jo Malone is synonymous with understated elegance and refined fragrances. Their candles, like the iconic Lime Basil & Mandarin, reflect the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship and quality. Jo Malone candles are a sophisticated choice for those who appreciate subtle yet distinctive scents.


Voluspa is a brand that combines artistry with olfactory excellence. Known for its visually stunning candles in unique containers, Voluspa offers an array of captivating scents. Whether housed in a tin, glass jar, or embossed metal container, Voluspa candles add a touch of luxury to any space.

Capri Blue:

Capri Blue, renowned for its signature scent, Volcano, has become a household name in the candle world. With a focus on vibrant fragrances and chic designs, Capri Blue candles bring a pop of colour and style to your home. The Volcano scent, with its tropical notes, is a perennial favourite.

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Brooklyn Candle Studio:

For those who appreciate handcrafted, small-batch candles, Brooklyn Candle Studio is a standout choice. Known for their commitment to sustainability and quality, Brooklyn Candle Studio offers an array of intriguing scents in minimalist, chic packaging. Each candle is crafted with precision and care, making it a unique addition to any home.

P.F. Candle Co.:

P.F. Candle Co. is rooted in the art of hand-poured candles, using soy wax for a clean and eco-friendly burn. With scents inspired by various locations and experiences, P.F. Candle Co. offers a diverse range, from the smoky notes of Teakwood & Tobacco to the fresh aroma of Golden Hour.


Homesick candles evoke nostalgia and transport you to specific places and memories through scent. With candles representing states, cities, and even specific experiences, Homesick allows you to bring a piece of your favourite locales into your home. The thoughtfully curated scents make these candles a unique and sentimental choice.

Key Considerations When Choosing Candles:

Fragrance Preferences:

Consider your fragrance preferences when selecting a candle. Whether you prefer floral, fruity, woody, or fresh scents, choosing a fragrance that resonates with you enhances the overall experience.

Candle Type:

Candles come in various types, including jar candles, pillar candles, votives, and more. Consider the type of candle that best suits your preferences and the ambience you want to create.

Burn Time:

Pay attention to the burn time of the candle. Some candles are designed for short bursts of fragrance, while others offer longer-lasting scents. The burn time is often indicated on the packaging.

Candle Material:

Different candles are made from various materials such as paraffin wax, soy wax, or beeswax. Soy wax is popular for its clean burn and eco-friendly nature, while beeswax is known for its natural fragrance.

Aesthetics and Design:

Consider the aesthetic appeal of the candle, including its container, packaging, and overall design. Candles can serve as decorative elements, enhancing the visual appeal of your space.

Brand Reputation:

Research the reputation of the brand, considering factors like quality, sustainability, and customer reviews. Established brands often have a track record of producing reliable and well-loved candles.

Intended Use:

Determine the purpose of the candle. Are you looking for a candle to create a relaxing atmosphere, add a festive touch, or simply elevate the scent in your living space? Different candles are suited to various occasions and moods.


For environmentally conscious consumers, consider candles made from sustainable materials, with eco-friendly packaging. Many brands are now prioritizing sustainability in their candle production.


Choosing the best candle involves a delightful exploration of scents, styles, and brands. The top ten stores highlighted in this guide offer various candles catering to different preferences and occasions. Whether you seek a luxurious fragrance, a sentimental scent, or a visually stunning candle, these stores provide an array of options to elevate your sensory experience. ScoopCoupons is one of the leading websites offering coupons and deals for online shopping. As you embark on your candle journey, consider the key factors discussed and explore the offerings from these top stores to discover the perfect candles that light up your space and enhance your moments of relaxation and celebration.