Urban living is so dynamic and in this regard the condominiums have emerged as the modern-day face of residential spaces. Luxury condos, combining convenience, amenities, and community living are becoming increasingly common amongst urban inhabitants globally. However, there is a general misconception that luxury condos are only for the rich. In reality though, this view is being disrupted by the rise of affordable luxury condos.
Traditionally, luxury condos were always associated with high price tags coupled with exclusive amenities and prime locations in busy cities’ hearts. Nevertheless; developers today redefine it to signify that it can be achieved without compromising on quality but putting more emphasis on accessibility. Thus came a new kind of condos that give taste of luxurious living at a lower market entry point.

Technological advancements and green building practices have contributed towards making luxury condo yet affordable by modifying design elements as seen over time. This has resulted to using space and resources more efficiently owing to technology thus lowering development related costs for the high-quality housing units provided by developers today. Furthermore, current trends in upscale condo development demand green features such as sustainable materials, energy-efficient appliances and green spaces