A telehandler is an essential equipment used for various applications across construction, agriculture, and other industries. Combining a forklift’s impressive lifting capacity with a crane’s lifting range, telehandlers make for a highly versatile machine. Coupled with attachments ranging from jibs and pallet forks to buckets and carriages, this single machine can accomplish many jobs. You can use a telehandler for carrying heavy materials across construction sites, farm fields or warehouses and safely reach over obstructions while performing repair and maintenance tasks.

If you want to hire a telehandler for an upcoming project, given below are some key factors to keep in mind before you begin exploring telehandlers for hire.


Picking the right-sized telehandler ensures efficiency and safety in your lifting jobs. A compact telehandler would be an ideal choice if you work in a confined or smaller space or need to lift light pallets. But if you work in a vast open space and have to move heavy loads, you will most likely need the reach and strength of a large telehandler.


Weight Capacity 

Checking the weight capacity is another crucial factor when exploring telehandlers for hire. Every telehandler model has a maximum weight that it can safely carry. Since weight capacity directly impacts how much load you can move without the risk of tip-overs or other accidents, choosing a model that meets your specific project requirements is essential.

Reach and Height

Telehandlers are one of the most versatile aerial lifts around. Still, like any other aerial lift, they have the potential to cause property damage or injury to operators and other people nearby. They can hit the sprinkler systems, strike with the overhead vents, burst through the ceiling, or tip over unexpectedly. To avoid these accidents, you must know your telehandler model’s exact reach and height with and without attachments.

Job Specifics

When assessing your project requirements, consider the ground conditions, type of materials you will be handling, and where you plan to pick up & deposit the loads. Knowing these things can help you make the right telehandler choice. 

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