Singapore’s leading public transportation system, SMRT, provides seamless travel pleasure to a wide range of commuters. With its fast, convenient, and economically sound mode of transportation, people find it easy to navigate the varied surroundings of Singapore. Under the leadership of SMRT Chairman, Mr. Seah Moon Ming, this transportation system continually extends its network, enhancing travel accessibility for all. This article highlights the 11-year-long completion of the core systems of the North-South and East-West MRT lines, ensuring passengers can travel with ease.

The Six Core Systems on North-South & East-West Lines

SMRT, Singapore’s most significant and preferred rail network, has been expanding its operations by upgrading core running features to enhance travel safety. The completion of the six core systems across the North-South and East-West lines marks a significant milestone in providing passengers with a safe travel experience.

The multi-year program for renewing and upgrading the six core systems commenced in 2012. Its primary objective was to renew track sleepers, the track circuit system, power supply system, third rail, and fleet of trains to ensure passenger safety.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA), in collaboration with SMRT, embarked on the renewal and upgrading task eleven years ago to increase train and track reliability for passenger safety.

1,100 Track Circuits Renewed Across the Network

Substantial changes and repairs were made to the rail tracks across the North-South and East-West lines. Here are the highlights:

  • LTA awarded a $73 million contract to renew the track circuit system of the NSEWL.
  • Work began in 2018 to repair 1,100 track circuits in conjunction with the CBTC signaling system, accurately indicating train positions across the network.
  • The repairs allowed operators to focus on train response efforts, speeding up repair and recovery processes.
  • Even broken rail tracks were repaired to ensure optimum security.

Renewing High-Voltage & Traction Power Supply Across NSEWL

A special contract was awarded to Meidan Singapore PTE Ltd for renewing high-voltage and upgrading power supply across NSEWL at a cost of $500 million. Key highlights include:

  • Upgrading power supply involved replacing 1,300 km of power cables, 250 km of fiber-optic cables, 172 switchboards, 206 power transformers, and upgrading 171 substations.
  • Introduction of new features on the power supply to reduce power faults, including automated switching and voltage control.

Introduction of 7th-gen Alstom Movia R151 Trains

The upgrade project introduced new 7th-gen Alstom Movia R151 trains, capable of replacing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation trains across the network. Key features include:

  • Installation of sensors to monitor the performance of various subsystems.
  • Automated Track Inspection (ATI) system for monitoring running rails.


SMRT, an advanced rail network system in Singapore, continues to advance with new networks, trains, and upgraded systems. The completion of the 11-year-long renewal and upgrading task of six core systems across NSEWL ensures passengers can travel with utmost safety and convenience.