Amid all the physical and emotional changes that you undergo during pregnancy, you might tend to forget to celebrate your incredible pregnancy journey.  It would be a challenge for you to forget your ever-changing body and pose for a series of photographs. However, this is what exactly a maternity photoshoot does. It helps you forget the often-detested changes that your body undergoes and shift your focus to the new life that your body is working hard to create. Once you look back at these photos you and your child will be glad that you decided to enlist the services of a professional photographer who does maternity photoshoot near me.

Before you commit yourself to a maternity photoshoot there are certain factors that you need to consider for a memorable experience.

1. Choose the Right Photographer:

This is one of the most crucial factors that you need to consider before your maternity photoshoot. The right photographer will turn your maternity photoshoot into a memorable one. Once you have decided to do a maternity photoshoot invest time in searching for a technically skilled photographer who can also be sensitive to your requirements.

An experienced photographer will have clear ideas about how to accentuate your baby bump and create flattering images in the shortest possible time without tiring you. The right photographer will also offer valid advice about the best poses and wardrobe choices.

2. Select the Right Time:

The timing of your maternity photoshoot is another significant factor to consider. Most maternity photoshoots are scheduled between 28 weeks and 36 weeks as it is touted as the best time to display your round baby bump. The pregnant woman is comfortable standing and sitting in different poses during this window.

However, this time frame can be changed in some cases such as a high-risk pregnancy or when the client is expecting multiple babies when the maternity photoshoots are scheduled as early as 13 to 24 weeks into the pregnancy.

If the maternity photoshoot is deemed to be used for pregnancy announcements, then the shoot is done around 27 to 28 weeks.

3. Finalise Your Poses:

Watch a lot of maternity photoshoots online or in magazines for ideas on the different poses that you can try. When it is your time select all the maternity poses you like and discuss with your photographer about the ones that will work for you.

4. Maternity Attire:

Remember not to wear tight-fitting clothes which might make you feel uncomfortable and might leave marks on your skin. Go for simple dresses that help enhance your body shape. Don’t select distracting patterns and prints that might take away the focus from your belly.

5. Hair and Make-Up:

When you are investing in a professional photographer for your maternity photoshoot you need to invest in a good make-up and stylist too. It is a special occasion, and you need to be given a makeover according to your dress. Both your dress and make-up have to be aligned with each other to create the best look for you.

6. Communicate with the Photographer:

It is just not enough for you to select the best photographer but you need to have a clear discussion with him/her about your requirements for the maternity photoshoot. You can discuss your concerns, the dos and don’ts of the photoshoot and also the poses you would be comfortable with. This kind of discussion will prevent any miscommunication and waste of time. You both can decide about the location and the time you can spend on the photoshoot.

7. Props and Accessories:

If you would like to use your props and accessories during the maternity photoshoot do bring them along. You can also request your photographer for specific props.

8. Relax and Enjoy your Photoshoot:

Enjoy and savour this special moment in your life. Prepare yourself for the big day. Moisturise your round belly and get a good night’s sleep before your maternity photoshoot. Try to drink water and stay hydrated throughout the photoshoot. Eat your meals at the right time to supply the energy you would need. 


Even though it is common knowledge that pregnancy is a time when you are drained emotionally and physically you should also remember that it is a time when you eagerly look forward to welcoming your little one. As years go by and you get busy with your child and work these photos will serve as reminder of those days of expectations and joy. You will thank yourself that you chose to have a maternity photoshoot. If you are searching for a maternity photoshoot near me for your maternity photoshoot don’t think twice. Choose experienced and professional photography service providers like Klicpic who have ample experience in doing maternity photoshoots in Bangalore.