Do you want your untidy beard to look perfect? You just don’t want to visit the barber more often for those expensive services. Worry no more! With the right ways and a good men trimmer, you can conveniently keep a smooth-faced look from your home. The following are five easy pointers on how to achieve an ideal beard using your favourite men’s trimmer.

  1. Choose the Right Trimmer – Choosing the right men trimmer for your needs is the first step in achieving a perfect beard. When selecting a good trimmer, go for one with accuracy and adaptability as well as adjustable settings that let you manipulate your beard’s dimensions. Ensure it can be simply held and has sharp edges that give a neat hairdo. Investing in a top of the range clipper would be the difference between having an impressive looking (professional looking) beard or just another average one.
  2. Start with a Clean Slate – Before starting the trimming process, it is important to have a beard that is both clean and dry. Cleanse your beard gently with a mild cleanser then afterwards dry it with a towel. By doing so, there will be no dirt, oil or product buildup left on the hair which helps in smooth gliding of the trimmer along your hair. Trimming a clean beard will also help you avoid having clogged trimmer blades which will give you a more accurate and even cut.
  3. Comb and Trim – After cleaning and drying your bear, comb it through to get rid of any snarls and align the hairs in one direction. Use your men timmer to start by trimming off excess hair at your neck and chin; follow the natural lines of your jaw bone to guide you around this area. Finally, with care work up from beneath until most of the bulk is trimmed off from your beard. Gradually reduce the length using longer settings for initial trims until desired appearance is achieved ensuring that you shave in line with growth.
  4. Define Your Lines – For an elegant look it is vital that you sculpt the lines of your beard well. With this attachment available in some men’s timmers called precision trimmers outline very carefully around these edges such as neck line or cheekbone regions. Take your time; use small, controlled movements so as to make clean straight lines. Make sure you consider symmetry while trimming your beard so that both sides are trimmed evenly. Well defined lines will give your beard a neat and sharp appearance.
  5. Maintain Regularly – Getting the perfect beard is an ongoing process that needs maintenance on a regular basis. Put aside some time each week to trim and groom your beard, making sure it remains neat. Use your men trimmer for a little touch up of stray hairs or uneven spots in order to maintain the shape and length of the beard. Regularly maintaining the beard will keep it from becoming wild and always looking at its best.

In conclusion, achieving the perfect beard with a men’s trimmer is easier than you think! Maintain a well- kept facial hair by applying these five easy tips and techniques in the privacy of your own home. Remember to choose the right trimmer, start with a clean slate, comb and trim with precision, define your lines and maintain regularly for optimum results. A practice run using the right tools will see you with that perfect bearded look soon enough!