Renting a photo studio has become more and more common due to the wide variety of services and facilities they offer and also because one can rent a studio for a while to shoot their clients instead of owning a separate space. Be it a professional photo shoot or a pre-wedding shoot, photo studios are a budget friendly option as they offer various backdrops and lighting options while the client can get numerous shoots done in one day with ease. However, choosing a photo studio on rent in Delhi is quite hard when you do not know what to look for. In this article, we have listed some tips for you to choose a good photo studio in order.


You should choose a studio with a location that is accessible to you as well as your client. Consider the ease of convenience for your client as a crucial factor because if the client has trouble reaching the studio, they might not be happy with your work. You should make sure that there are adequate parking facilities available. Easy access to the location enhances the experience not only for you, but for the client as well.

Size and space

While choosing a good photo studio, it is necessary that you check out the size and space available for shoots. While checking this out, you should keep in mind your equipment and if the studio is large enough to accommodate them. If you shoot large groups and have an elaborate set up, it is necessary that you choose a larger studio but if you shoot only portraits and similar pictures, you can do well even in a compact space. Some studios look bigger in picture but smaller in real life, you should make sure that you visit the studio before finalizing anything.

Choose a studio with a good lighting

It is absolutely necessary for you to check the lighting before finalizing a photo studio. The lighting can either enhance the shoot or degrade it. First check if the studio has natural lighting options. After that you should check if it offers a variety of lighting equipment like soft boxes, strobe lights or umbrella lights. A good photo studio will be well equipped in a variety of lighting options and will also have big windows for natural light.

Necessary equipment and gear

While picking a good photo studio on rent in Delhi, you should also make sure that the necessary equipment like various backdrops, props, light modifiers and other such equipment to enhance the shoot. While some studios may offer these items in the rental package, others take extra charges. You should make sure that you should have access to good quality equipment in order to save your own time and effort.

Moreover, you should carefully choose a studio when it comes to backdrop options. Different kinds of shoots require different backdrops and you have to make sure that there are all the necessary backdrops present. Look for studios which have a variety of backdrops, with different colours, textures, backgrounds etc; and they are in good condition to make the shoot look neat. There are some studios who provide customizable backdrops according to the shoot’s needs so you can ask the studio before finalizing anything.

Basic amenities and facilities

During photo shoot, the client may need to change clothes or do makeup to get the perfect shot, you should make sure that the photo studio has restrooms, makeup stations and washrooms as well as a waiting area for clients. If you are doing multiple shots in a day with the same client, rest rooms are an absolute necessity. All these things are necessary to make sure that your client leaves with a positive experience and make them more comfortable while shooting.

Check for proper ventilation

You should also check for proper ventilation in any photo studio. This ensures that the shooting environment is comfortable for the client and productive for you. A properly ventilated area helps in preventing overheating which can be caused by exposure to lights for several hours. Proper temperature control and ventilation is necessary to make sure that both you and your client comfortably perform the shoot and receive productive results.

Check for good packages/less cost options

While checking the studio, make sure you also check what is included in the rental package. While some studios offer free amenities like lights, props and backdrops, others have a separate package for rental space and other facilities. Before finalizing, you should also make sure that they are clear with you about additional charges and have a transparent understanding of costs to avoid any surprise charges later.

Check for reviews and recommendations

Checking for reviews and recommendations is one of the most crucial steps before choosing a photo studio. You need to research well about the studio’s reputation, the services offered while you can also ask for reviews from other photographers. Look for feedbacks on the facilities offered by the studio, cleanliness, equipment quality, as well as the overall customer quality. Asking your fellow professionals for their insights over the photo studio’s reliability is important. Not checking reviews and directly finalizing a studio may not only waste your time but also your clients’.

Take your time

Taking your time while choosing a photo studio for a project will allow you to make an informed decision and choose a studio that aligns well with your requirements and leaves you satisfied with your project.

While choosing a good photo studio may be quite confusing, following the above tips is going to make the process easy for you. These tips will not only help you click the best shots, but will also offer a positive experience to your client. You should make sure that you tick all the boxes before deciding anything. Also remember to ensure that there is proper communication between you and the photo studio and you ask for everything you need beforehand. If it is a big photo shoot, you should also consider visiting the studio with your client to ensure that they are comfortable with the location.