House valuation is one of the best methods of finding the value of a property. There are many reasons why one might need to find the value of a property. One must determine the value of a home to set a price that is not excessively high, as this would scare off potential purchasers and cause the property to languish on the market for too long. On the other hand, if a home’s asking price is too low, the seller may miss out on any potential financial gains from the sale. When it comes to establishing an asking price for a home for sale, relying on guesswork is not a good idea. When it comes to determining the price of a property, several elements come into play, not the least of which is what you think it’s worth.

One of the other benefits of house valuation is that it provides a better picture of when is the best time to sell to get maximum value. This is beneficial if you have shifted to a new house and are considering selling the previous one.

Real estate agents provide detailed information on the property’s neighbourhood and street. However, it is only the house valuation that can provide you with the true value of the property and also help you compare it with other properties you might have shortlisted. This article provides several tips on how to find the house property value.

Tips for a market valuation of property

For those wondering how to find value in a property, there are many ways to do so:

  • Compare it with other properties that have been recently sold in the area to get an approximate value. This should ideally be within 1 km of your property and that too sold within the last 6 months. It is a good idea to select the ones that are similar to the property in question.
  • There are several sources online where you can get information about the properties that have been recently sold.
  • While comparing the property with those sold recently in the neighbourhood it is a good idea to ensure it is located close to amenities, and the size of the land, rooms, and quality are similar.
  • Several online valuation services can be used to do your research and find an approximate value of your property.
  • A real estate agent can help find the value of your property as well by arranging a professional inspection and using well-defined techniques.
  • Organise a formal property valuation from professional property values. They will offer a detailed report for many purposes like sales, financial institutes, accounts lawyers and more. This means approaching a firm that provides such property valuation reports.
  • Those attempting to find the property value on their own need to consider several other factors as well like the number of days the property has been on the market (DOM). It is also important to take into account the clearance rate and median price.
  • Failing to consider the current property market conditions will result in inaccurate reports.
  • The property value can be found using various alternative techniques, however, those who have emotional ties to it often end up with inaccurate results.
  • Verify the sources where you get the information to support the property value you might have derived since an unrealizable source means inaccurate results.

Benefits of trusting professional valuers

Professional valuers are the independent parties who are legally liable for the advice they provide. The report they provide will be comprehensive and involve a great deal of research and hard work. They will produce their details from reliable sources as well. A real estate agent also uses well-proven techniques for property valuation, however; since they have a stake in selling the property, their report can be biased. Professional valuers specialise in property valuation and hence are better suited to providing a more accurate report. The additional benefit is that you will be dealing with well trained, skilled certified property valuers.