A delicious oreo cookie ice cream cake recipe has a certain something about it. It’s a hybrid of two of our favorite sweets, cake and ice cream, to start. For Oreo fans, this homemade ice cream cake recipe is the ultimate luxury and the queen of no-bake desserts. Whether it is served during a birthday celebration or simply as a family weekend treat, this dessert is ideal for any special occasion. Now, let us explore the mouth-watering layers of this simple recipe for Oreo ice cream cake.

The Reasons This Is the Ideal Dessert for Any Event

This handmade Oreo ice cream cake is very adaptable, which is one of its many wonderful qualities. It may be served as a dessert for summer, a birthday cake, or for any other special event. Crushed Oreos, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate layers make this a delicious dessert that the entire family will love.

Before starting your baking journey, make sure you have all the supplies and utensils needed. You will need a food processor, an offset spatula, plastic wrap, parchment paper, a spring form pan, a big bowl, a piping bag, and other items. Additionally, you will need some room-temperature whipped cream for the topping and a sharp knife for slicing.

‘’prepare an oreo cookie ice cream cake recipe’’

Making the Oreo Crust Preparing the Oreo crust is the first stage in baking a cake. In order to do this, pulse Oreos in a food processor until they resemble cookie crumbs. To make a uniform layer, combine these crumbs with melted butter and press them into the pan’s bottom.

It is now time to construct the Oreo and ice cream layers. To do this, cover the Oreo crust with layers of your preferred ice cream flavors, such as vanilla, chocolate, or even mint chocolate chip. Crushed Oreos should be layered between each layer of ice cream. The procedure is repeated until the cake is completely stacked.

Toppings with Whipped Cream

The last stage is to decorate the cake with your preferred toppings and whipped cream. Extra Oreo cookies, chocolate chips, caramel sauce, or hot fudge sauce might be included in this. You could use an offset spatula to distribute the whipped cream uniformly, or you could use a piping bag to create some ornamental swirls on top of the ice cream layers. In any case, it will taste and look fantastic!

How to Present and Keep Your Cake

Allow your Oreo ice cream cake to remain at room temperature for ten to fifteen minutes before serving. As a result, it is simpler to cut into slices. Make clean slices with a sharp knife dipped in hot water, then serve right away. Any cake that is left over may be frozen in an airtight container. Just make sure the next time to let it defrost a little before serving.

Baking an Oreo ice cream cake at home gives you a genuine feeling of achievement. It’s a pleasant project to work on, and this delectable treat will make your family and friends happy. Thus, the next time you are searching for an impressive treat, think about creating a homemade Oreo ice cream cake.


When slicing this or any other ice cream cake, use a very sharp knife, cut swiftly (but carefully!), and wipe the blade clean between slices for the cleanest cuts possible. If you want extra credit, you may pour a little hot water over the knife to preheat it and then dry it off before cutting anything.