Embarking on your journey abroad to study and need some tips to prepare? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Here are some tips to prepare for studying Abroad.

Tips to Prepare For Studying Abroad

  1. Early application

If you are planning on studying abroad one of the most important things to do is secure a college. For this, you can start by applying early to colleges and institutions. Perform thorough research based on your educational requirements, scholarship, grants, and country. Applying to Colleges and Universities early increases your chance of admission. It means you will receive decisions earlier. It can also help you bag more scholarship opportunities as there are a limited number of scholarships available for international students.

  1. Research Universities

Think about the courses you want to study and the country you want to study in. Then carefully research universities that offer the course you want to study, and compare several universities based on their rankings, tuition fees, placement and country. While researching universities and courses, also make sure to see the course you want to study is in a language you are familiar with.

  1. Budgeting

Creating an efficient budget will help you smoothly study in a foreign country. While planning your finances include the tuition fees, and living expenses i.e. accommodation, food, transportation costs etc.Research and apply for scholarships and grants that suit your requirements. Understand loan options, interest rate, collateral etc if needed. Along with this, you can also start looking for part-time jobs. If you are going to study in Canada you can refer top 10 highest-paying part-time jobs in Canada for international students article.

  1. Passport and Visa

A passport is a mandatory document for studying abroad. It certifies the citizenship of the student. If you have a passport, well and good. If you do not have a passport, apply for one ASAP! Steps for applying for a passport as a student:

Register on the passport services website Passport Seva

  • Fill out the application form and pay the rupees 1500 online fee. You can also pay this fee at your nearest Passport Kendra
  • Gather the required documents
  • Schedule an appointment with the nearest passport office.
  • Visit the passport office on the scheduled date and present documents for verification. These documents must be self-attested.
  • Collect the acknowledgement receipt and check the status of your passport online.

NOTE: Police Verification is a crucial step and is conducted before passports are issued

A Visa is an extremely important document required by anyone travelling abroad. In the case of students going abroad to study, they have to apply for a student visa for their selected study destination. You can apply for a student visa only after you have been accepted by an academic institution. You will be required to submit the letter of acceptance and pay either some or the total amount of tuition fees. You can apply for the visa from India Visa Online

To apply for a student visa you need to :

  • Have an authentic passport
  • Present proof of language proficiency
  • Submit the acceptance letter
  • Pay for the tuition fees
  • Pay visa application fees

Other documents you may need are:

  • Statement of Purpose
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Language proficiency test scores
  • Resume
  • University application
  • Passport size photograph
  1. Visa Assistance Agencies

Find and work with agencies holding a good track record of placing students in their desired countries and institutions. These agencies can help you with the procedures, obtain required documents, visa and keep the immigration process transparent.

  1. Visit a doctor

Visit a doctor and get a checkup to ensure you are in good health before you leave to study abroad. Carry a copy of your medical records in case of any emergency in the foreign land. An underrated tip to prepare for studying abroad is to check the host country’s vaccination requirements. Many countries may require you to get certain vaccinations, especially after COVID.

Also if you have a critical medication condition that requires prescribed drugs, it is advised to carry the prescription along with you

Carry enough medication to last you your entire stay(if possible)

Prescription drugs must be carried in perfectly labelled containers to prevent them from being mistaken for illegal drugs.

  1. Purchase necessary items

It is better to purchase items you will need beforehand as it can be difficult to find things once you are in a new country. It is advised to buy items such as academic materials, clothing, medications, toiletries etc as the price of these may be higher in other countries. Also, there is a possibility you may not find the desired items in the country abroad.

  1. Travel Insurance

Travel insurance protects against risks of financial losses such as cancelled or delayed flights, lost luggage, injuries or major illness. So get reliable travel insurance (and pray it never gets to that).

  1. Set goals for yourself

An important tip while preparing to study abroad is to set difficult but realistic goals for yourself. This will not only help you obtain great skills and achieve your dreams but will also help you experience newer things and have fun in the new country.

  1. Immerse in the Local Culture

Immerse yourself in the local culture. This doesn’t mean just learning the local language. It also means absorbing as much information and adopting the culture of their soon-to-be study destination. Research the culture, places, actors, singers etcetera. This way you will feel more connected to the place and adapt easily.

After all these, you can START PACKING!


In this article, we have mentioned tips to prepare for studying abroad. You can follow these tips and advice while planning your studying abroad journey. It is also important to always keep in mind your purpose of going abroad i.e. your course. You can have all the fun you have but never let it cost you your education. Most students tend to forget their goals in the glamour of being independent. Hope this article helped by providing essential tips to prepare for studying abroad.


Does applying early increase my chances of getting accepted into a foreign university?

Yes applying early does increase your chances of getting accepted. However strong academic backgrounds and meeting other requirements are also necessary.

Which Country is best for studying abroad?

It depends on the course you want to study. However, The Netherlands, Spain, Canada, France, Australia, the United Kingdom, and The US, are the few countries best for studying abroad.

Is student visa easy to get in India?

Yes, if you have the required documents, it is easy to avail a student visa in India.

What is the validity duration of a student visa in the US?

A student visa in The US is valid for up to 5 years.

Is it important to get travel insurance while studying abroad?

It is not necessary to have travel insurance while studying abroad. But it is advised to get travel insurance as it covers any mishap that may happen during the travel.