The game of Bac Bo, alternatively referred to as Fish Prawn Crab or Hoo Hey How, originated in ancient China and was conventionally executed utilizing three dice. Evolution Gaming has skillfully transformed this enduring classic into a captivating live casino game that seamlessly blends elements of straightforwardness and exhilaration. Bac Bo, an environment at 82Lottery that is visually captivating and redolent of a traditional Asian gaming house, provides players with an engrossing experience.

A Guide to Bac Bo

A unique table bearing the following six symbols is utilized to play Bac Bo: fish, prawn, crab, coin, gourd, and rooster. A sealed container containing three dice is rolled by the 82Lottery dealer, and participants wager on the outcomes of the symbols.

Bets may be placed on one or more symbols, with varying payout probabilities for each.
In addition to totals and individual symbols, the wagering options also include combinations.


After making their wagers, participants eagerly await the result of the dice throw.

Bac Bo Winning and Scoring

The scoring and winning mechanism of Bac Bo is predicated on the result of the dice roll and the participants’ corresponding wagers. Each individual symbol depicted on the dice is associated with a unique set of payout odds, which determine the rewards offered in accordance with its probability of appearing. The following is an exhaustive explanation of how scoring and victory in Bac Bo work:

Bets on Individual Symbols

The following symbols are up for wagering: fish, prawn, crab, coin, gourd, and rooster.

If any of the selected symbols appear on one or more of the three dice, the corresponding wagers are won.

In general, the payout odds for wagers on individual symbols vary between 1:1 and 50:1, contingent upon the rarity and probability of the symbol appearing.

Bets on Combinations

Players may also place bets on combinations of two or more symbols that appear on the dice, in addition to individual symbols.

Pairs (e.g., Fish and Prawn), triples (e.g., three Crabs), and particular sequences (e.g., Coin-Gourd-Rooster) are frequent combinations.

Assigning payout odds to combination wagers as opposed to individual symbol bets is indicative of the heightened challenge associated with concurrently forecasting multiple outcomes.

Overall Bets

Wagering is permitted on the numbers that appear on all three dice.

The possible payout odds for each sum in the total range from 3, representing the minimum possible sum, to 18, representing the maximum possible sum.

Total wagers offer an extra choice for individuals in search of diversity and thrills in their betting approaches.

Payout and Scoring Calculation

The dealer declares the winning symbols and adjusts the wagers accordingly following each throw of the dice. The payouts for individual symbol wagers are determined by the odds specified for each symbol that wins.

As per the predetermined payout ratios for the particular combinations selected by the participants, combination bets are resolved. The payouts for total wagers are determined by the odds associated with each total, which are determined by the number rolled on the dice.

Aspects of Bac Bo

Indulge in a captivating gaming encounter at 82Lottery, which features interactive live dealer sessions, immersive gameplay, and intuitive user interfaces.

Dealer-to-Live Interaction

Live dealers who are charismatic and interact with participants in real-time contribute to the social dimension of Bac Bo.

By interacting with the seller and other players via live chat, players can cultivate a sense of community and camaraderie.

Phenomenal Gameplay

The cutting-edge technology utilized by Evolution Gaming guarantees uninterrupted transmission and visually stunning high-definition content, effectively transporting players to an entirely new realm of virtual gaming.

The dynamic camera angles and enthralling sound effects contribute to the immersive experience, fostering an ambiance characterized by genuineness and enthusiasm.

Platform-Switching Compatibility

Bac Bo provides exceptional versatility, enabling players to enjoy their preferred game at any time and in any location, across desktop and mobile devices.

The commitment of Evolution Gaming to ensuring compatibility across multiple platforms guarantees a cohesive gaming experience on any device.




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In summary, Bac Bo, developed by Evolution Gaming, provides an invigorating gaming experience that surpasses conventional limits through its captivating fusion of innovation and tradition. Bac Bo, characterized by its captivating attributes, immersive gameplay, and substantial payouts, serves as evidence of Evolution Gaming’s exceptional proficiency in the realm of live casino gaming. In conjunction with the 82Lottery Casino’s extraordinary hospitality and exhilaration, Bac Bo ensures an indelible experience brimming with thrills and excitement. Why then wait? As you recline at the Bac Bo table, you will be engrossed in an infinite realm of potentialities and immeasurable wealth. As the dice begin to roll, good fate awaits.