SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s the process of improving the ranking of an article or web page on Google. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of optimizing content for search engines like Google to display it at the top of their results when someone searches.

What is SEO Certification Exactly?

SEO certificates are issued by educational systems, online advertising consultants, and a variety of other SEO-related organisations. After completing a course, SEO certificates are awarded.

Certificates are an excellent way to demonstrate your SEO knowledge. Although there is no degree in SEO at university, they are widely used as a means of demonstrating that you understand the fundamentals. 

This is especially true if you’re just getting started as an SEO professional. We will examine the best free and paid certifications in this article. Continue reading.


Search Engine Optimization Courses to Advance Your Career in Journalism and Digital Media


1. Yoast provides all-around SEO Training.


The All-around SEO Training, a simple, easy-to-understand video course, was created by the creators of Yoast – the most popular WordPress SEO plugin in the world. The course is divided into 39-minute segments. 

Over three hours are available. Yoast SEO experts, including the founder Joost De Valk, present the lessons. You can test your knowledge by taking quizzes throughout the course. 

This will allow you to practice what you have learned. To pass each quiz, you must score at least 80%. Upon completion of the course, you will receive an SEO certificate. You will also be able to download PDF files that you can use for future reference.


2. Google Developers: Beginner’s Guide for Search Engine Optimization


Google’s official manual is the best resource to use for anyone new to SEO. This article provides an overview of recommended practices for On-page, Off-page, and Technical SEO. This tutorial is perfect for those who want to learn more about the Google search engine and how it can benefit your business.

What you’ll discover:

The first step is to learn the basics of On-page Search Engine Optimization. This includes detailed instructions on how you can get your website listed on Google, and also help it recognize your content through a sitemap. 

We’ll then look at how Google and consumers interpret your content through unique URLs. We’ll then look at how you can make Google and users understand your content using meta description tags and header tags.

You will also learn how to make your website more engaging using tools like the Keyword Planner and Performance Report. The difference between paid advertising and SEO is that the latter involves “organic classification”, which means that you don’t pay to appear in that position. 

You also do not have to optimize your images, but rather use the correct elements. There are also best practices that can help make your website mobile-friendly, so it is accurately indexed. This book also discusses off-page SEO techniques, such as advertising your site and reaching out to people in the target audience.


3. Coursera


Coursera, the largest online learning platform in the world, is available to anyone from anywhere. Anyone can access online classes from anywhere. It offers degrees and certificates from prestigious organizations and institutions. This is a great resource for SEO. Here you can find a course for SEO certification.


  • A Brief Overview of On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page Search Engine Optimization: An Overview
  • Technical SEO Overview
  • The keywords are theory and research.


  • This course and the Complete Specialisation
  • Program Assignments and Grades
  • Quizzes & Course VideosQuizzes to Practise and Course VideosAssignments with peer feedback
  • Shareable certificates
  • Tests with feedback and grades


4. Ahrefs SEO Tutorials.


This free collection of instructional videos will allow you to learn from SEO experts Sam Oh and Ahrefs. Ahrefs is one of the leading SEO tools in the world. Advanced SEO techniques will be studied starting with the basics. 

You can move on to the next topic if you already know the basics. Sam Oh, an SEO expert and excellent teacher, makes learning fun. For example, The Beginner’s Guide to SEO is regularly updated with free material that includes articles and instructions to improve your Google Search ranking.

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5. Social Media Optimisation.


This program is a part of the SEO training that believes strong SEO can bring social channels to life. Discover how to increase 10x the visibility of your posts on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This course contains real-world examples, and you can immediately put them to work.

Duration: 39 minutes, 51 seconds

Topics include:

  • Google and Bing ranking factors
  • Business-to-Business Social Media SEO Channels (Business-to-Consumer)
  • Optimize your social media profile or account
  • Create and distribute optimized social media content


6. The Moz Academy


Moz Academy offers the best place to get SEO certified. This is an established digital instruction academy. They excel at SEO. They offer most SEO courses.

Course Highlights

The course carefully explains the situation in terms of SEO fundamentals. This course gives students the information they need to begin their missions. The entire course was divided into six modules. The six units are:

Learn the Basics:

  • Create Keyword Strategies
  • Implement On-Page Optimisation Techniques
  • Link Powerful Strategies
  • Create Effective Reporting Strategies
  • The Final Exam


7. SEO Tools


In today’s rapidly growing industry, there are a variety of SEO tools available. These courses are ideal if you’re looking for an SEO certification covering basic SEO tools. 

Such as Google Search Console and Screaming Frog SEO Spider. They also cover SEMrush, Siteliner and Google Keyword Planner. This course examines both the advantages and disadvantages of different technologies.

Duration: 1 hour, 36 minutes

Topics include:

  • SEO tools
  • Google Search Engine
  • Google Diagnostic Instruments


8. Udemy.


Udemy is an online learning platform with more than 155000 courses and over 40 million students. Udemy allows instructors to create online courses in their preferred subjects. These courses are created using Udemy’s course creation tools.


9) Bastian Grimm (Semrush Academy), teaches a course on technical SEO.


Bastian Grimm is a Semrush Academy expert whom I recommend for Technical SEO Training. This comprehensive course, which comes with a certificate, will give you a complete understanding of technical search engine optimization, covering topics such as internal links, crawling, indexation, HTTP responses, log files and web performance. 

While no prior experience is required, a basic understanding of SEO and web design may prove beneficial. Internal Linking. 

Learn how to prioritize relevant hyperlinks, and use link hubs and multiple linking. Also, learn the best practices of nofollow links. This is a great curriculum for those who are interested in learning about technical SEO.

  • Advanced Crawling and Indexation
  • Crawling, Indexation
  • International SEO
  • Technology
  • HTTP Response Codes
  • Web Performance


10. Search Engine Optimization


This international SEO certification will help you attract foreign visitors to the website. This course will help you design and implement an effective international SEO plan. 

This course has many benefits, including identifying target markets and optimizing your site for multiple languages and nations.

Duration: 1 hour, 25 minutes

Topics include:

  • International Search Engine Optimization
  • Using local and regional concerns
  • Ensure that key functionalities are available around the globe
  • Search engines’ treatment of multilingual content
  • Optimize your website with Hreflang
  • Meta tags can be used to specify target languages and locations.
  • Google Search Console: International SEO
  • On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO Factors for International SEO
  • Localization and targeting of foreign content
  • Content translation best practices
  • Understanding international keyword considerations
  • Off-site SEO characteristics can be used to improve international rankings
  • International SEO Performance Evaluation
  • Segmentation is a method for evaluating the international audience.
  • Reporting international SEO performance effectively