First steps, first words, and first day of school are pivotal moments in a child’s developmental journey. While each child has a unique rhythm and pace, some difficulties, particularly with speech and language, merit additional attention. Early identification and intervention can pave the way to more effective solutions. If you’re in North Shore and have concerns about your child’s speech patterns, dedicated professionals are prepared to help. In this article, we present the top 10 signals that your child may benefit from the expertise of a speech therapist.

Delays in Speech Development

Children typically say their first words around the one-year mark. If your child is not speaking much or anything at all by age two, it could be a sign of speech delay.

Inconsistent Sounds

Children should have a broad range of speech sounds by age three. Consistent omission or distortion of sounds might be indicative of a speech concern.

Difficulty with Pronunciation

It’s not unusual for children to struggle with specific sounds or words. However, if mispronunciations persist past a certain age, seeking professional help would be beneficial.

Challenges in Understanding and following instructions

If your child frequently struggles to follow basic directions or answer simple questions, it could suggest a problem in expressive or receptive language.

Limited Vocabulary

Children should continually add new words to their vocabulary. If your child’s word bank isn’t growing or is significantly smaller than their peers, a speech therapist can provide help.

Stuttering or Repetition

While some stuttering can be part of everyday speech development, consistent stuttering or repetition of sounds, syllables, or words might warrant a consult.

Social Communication Issues

A child should be able to use language to interact, express feelings, and respond to others. Challenges in these areas could mean a pragmatic language issue.

Difficulty Swallowing or Eating

A speech therapist can address issues with swallowing or unusual eating habits, as they are often related to problems with the same muscles used for speaking.

Autistic Spectrum or Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Any neurodevelopmental disorder, including autism, could contribute to speech and language difficulties. A Speech therapist for children in North Shore can provide invaluable support here.

Concerns from Teachers

Teachers spend a lot of time observing children interact and communicate. If they express concern about your child’s speech or language skills, consider it a nudge toward seeking professional feedback.

Resources Available in North Shore

In North Shore, you can find many speech therapists who specialize in child development. They can guide your child through tailored therapy sessions to improve their speech.

The Role of Parents in Speech Therapy

As the primary caregivers, parents play a crucial role in their child’s speech therapy. Learn how to support your child’s journey towards better speech and communication.


Loving parents share the same goal – for their children to thrive and reach their full potential. This journey may sometimes include bumps, such as speech and language issues. While these moments can be stressful, early intervention can make a significant difference. Allow the experts in North Shore to help your child find their voice. Your child can build strong communication skills that will last a lifetime through care, dedication, patience, and a little guidance.