WhatsApp is proving to be the most likable social platform. And its strength is in numbers with over 2 billion active users. Businesses have also started leveraging the power of this intimate channel via WhatsApp commerce to communicate with their customers.     

However, WhatsApp did not support sending WhatsApp promotional messages until recently. It does not want businesses to spam people with sales. Brands could send only ‘transactional’ messages like payment confirmation, shipment tracking, or delivery.  

But on the bright side, WhatsApp’s new category of templates called ‘Marketing’ is making it possible. Brands can now conveniently interact with their customers on their favorite platform to generate engagement. Businesses can send WhatsApp advertising messages to the customers who have opted-in (more details below).  

The key element here is WhatsApp Business API. It helps eCommerce brands to easily send various types of promotional messages. These messages mainly include discount vouchers, promotional offers, coupons, product launch updates, cart abandonment reminders and more. Hence, brands can seamlessly communicate with their customers to generate more leads and drive more sales.  

[WhatsApp Opt-in – Meta has made it crucial for businesses to take WhatsApp Opt-in from users before sending messages to them via WhatsApp Business API. This ensures that businesses are sending messages to only those users who are interested in receiving WhatsApp updates from businesses. 

Let’s navigate the topic to know more about the benefits of WhatsApp promotional message and examples of effective message templates.  

The basics of WhatsApp promotional message 

In a nutshell, WhatsApp promotional message is a concise text message designed for WhatsApp marketing. Marketers send these messages on WhatsApp to promote and advertise their products. Such WhatsApp promotions help businesses meet their goals.  

These are the non-transactional messages which exclude payment or delivery messages. Businesses can effectively use these messages to communicate with customers and strengthen relationships with them.  

Since September 2021, WhatsApp has supported sending WhatsApp promotional messages to brands from all countries. But the most crucial factor for sending these messages is the use of WhatsApp Business API. So, eCommerce owners must look for an official WhatsApp Business API provider. 

Brands can send WhatsApp marketing messages for several announcements. It can be new product launches, discounts or coupons offers, back-in-stock alerts, app promotion, product recommendations, or shopping cart abandonment reminders.  

When WhatsApp recognized a surge in customer enquiries about offers and discounts with respect to customer’s favorite brands, it allowed sending promotional messages. With the help of such interaction, brands can effectually communicate with their customers which leads to enhanced customer engagement.   

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Things to remember while sending WhatsApp promotional messages:  

  • Having a WhatsApp Business API is the first key factor in sending these WhatsApp promotional template messages to many customers 
  • If a business already has an approved WhatsApp Business API, then they can start broadcasting promotional messages. 
  • These template messages must be pre-approved by WhatsApp to ensure that it complies with their business and commerce policies. 
  • Customer’s opt-in is required, and businesses must adhere to WhatsApp’s opt-in policy guidelines. 
  • WhatsApp doesn’t allow daily newsletters and excessive notifications. 


Benefits of sending WhatsApp promotional messages:  

For any eCommerce brand, WhatsApp promotional messages are an integral part of marketing strategy. It not only helps strengthen customer experience but also boost repeat purchases. So, it leads to building brand loyalty for businesses. Let’s underline a few remarkable benefits of WhatsApp promotional messages: 

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Promotional messages are personalized messages aligned with customer’s interests or purchase history. So, these messages are extremely helpful in fostering a more engaging and satisfying shopping experience for the shoppers. 
  • Strengthen Brand Loyalty: With these messages, eCommerce marketers can engage with customers in a personal and direct manner. Offering exclusive discounts, prompt access to sales, or personalized offers makes customers feel special. Thus, influencers can enhance customer retention and increase repeat purchases with WhatsApp promotional messages. 
  • Improve Conversion Rates: WhatsApp promotional messages foster a sense of connection, making customers feel valued and understood. Recipients are more likely to read such personalized messages, which can help increase visibility, boost conversion rates, and sales opportunities. 
  • Boost Sales in Cost-effective Way: It’s a great alternative for businesses to send their clients a large number of messages without paying more. WhatsApp promotional messages offer an easy and cost-effective way for MSMEs to increase sales. 
  • Wide Demographic Reach: When marketers reach wide demographics, it helps them attain the upper end of the company’s prospective earning range. WhatsApp promotional messages allow businesses to instantaneously interact with a broad audience of all ages, professions, backgrounds, and genders. 
  • Enhanced ROI: WhatsApp promotional messages offer a new and highly effective way that help improve business’s ROI. Due to improved conversion rates, enhanced sales, and stronger customer connections, business owners can achieve an elevated ROI with these promotional messages. 
  • Increased Repeat Purchase: As recipients are more likely to read these promotional messages, it increases customer retention rate. Moreover, WhatsApp promotional messages such as discount codes or loyalty points can help brands increase their repeat purchases. 

20+ Creative WhatsApp promotional message templates 

Sr. No.  Type of Promotional Message  Example 
1.  New Product Launch Update  Hello [Customer Name], Exciting news for you! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of [product name]. Be one of the first [20] to order & win [Rs. 2500] amazon gift card! 
2  Seasonal & Holiday Offers.  Hello [Customer Name], Ring in the new year with new savings! Start the year off right with our New Year’s sale. Up to 30% off on all items. Shop now and save big! 
3  Back in Stock Notification  Hello [Customer Name], We heard you! [Product Name] is back in stock due to high demand. Order yours now before it sells out again! 
4.  Monthly Sale  Hey [Customer Name]! Is the end of the month making you feel broke, but you want to pamper yourself? Well, we have an offer. Get 20% off on all our services on the [date] of every month. To book, visit [website address]. 
5.  Abandoned Cart Recovery  Dear [Customer Name], Don’t miss out on these excellent deals! Settle your purchase within next 48 hours and get 15% off your total order. 
6.  Loyalty Rewards  Dear [Customer Name], We have observed you as a loyal customer for [Number] years now. We are grateful for the same. For appreciation, we’re offering you [Discount]% off on your next purchase. Continue shopping with us! 
7.  Upsell  Hello [Customer Name], Congratulations on buying [product name]. Want an insider tip to help you save more money? Extend your subscription for a year and avail two month’s subscription for free. 


Below are the top examples of WhatsApp promotional message templates that brands can personalize according to their business requirements, offers and local laws and regulations. 

  1. New Product Launch Update


Brands can effectively leverage this most engaging communication platform to promote new products. Well, the credit goes to its active audience base and high click-through rates. Businesses can send product promotion templates to notify customers about the new launch and offerings related to their latest products or services.  

A striking promotion message template sent during a new product launch helps businesses increase sales and gather valuable feedback for future product development. Check out some simple and effective WhatsApp message templates to help announce and market a new product launch. 

WhatsApp promotion message template No. 1 

Hello [Customer Name],

Introducing to you our [product name] – the latest addition to [product category] line.
Get [discount/offer] if you buy now. Don’t miss out on this exclusive launch! 

WhatsApp promotion message template No. 2 

Hello [Customer Name],

Exciting news for you! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of [product name]. Be one of the first [20] to order & win [Rs. 2500] amazon gift card!  

WhatsApp promotion message template No. 3 

Hello [Customer Name],  

We’ve just launched our [product name]. Since it’s out for the first time, we want to get it in hands of many people. So, we’re offering a 30% discount for the next [number] days. Buy now at this link: [website address]. No shipping charges and you also get $30 extra off if you buy [another related product name] with it.  

  1. Seasonal & Holiday Offers


When it’s a popular holiday or seasonal change around, many people look for deals and discounts. They look for gifts, look for season-specific clothing, or look for personal items, as necessary. Many businesses take advantage of this, and they offer special prices and discounts during this time. Naturally, it attracts more shoppers.   

Many users like to benefit from these discounts, offers, and coupons. Even a small incentive such as free shipping can inspire them to make a purchase. Hence, brands can utilize these types of WhatsApp advertising messages. Below are the reference templates for WhatsApp marketers to explore. 

WhatsApp promotion message template No.4 

Hello [Customer Name], 

Ring in the new year with new savings! Start the year off right with our New Year’s sale. Up to 30% off on all items. Shop now and save big! 

WhatsApp promotion message template No. 5  

Hello [Customer Name],

Autumn has arrived, and our prices are falling. Get up to 50% discount on top brands and styles that look good and make you feel confident. Get free delivery for orders in the next 12 hours. Flaunt your style before winter is here. 

WhatsApp promotion message template No. 6  

Hello [Customer Name],

Trick or Treat! Get in the spooky spirit with our Halloween sale. Up to 40% off on costumes and decorations. Limited time offer, grab it now!  

  1. Back in Stock Notification


These WhatsApp promotional message templates are useful to notify customers who added an item earlier to their wish list but were unable to purchase it because it was out of stock. Brands can convey to their customers about a product or service that is in high demand and may sell out quickly with these promotional messages. 

The high demand for a sold-out product can be a social proof to increase sales when the item is restocked. Moreover, it creates a sense of scarcity with restocked items which is a good strategy to drive sales. Check out reference templates for this category.  

1. WhatsApp promotion message template No. 7 

Hello [Customer Name],

The highly demanded [Product Name] is finally back in stock! Don’t miss out on your chance to own it, order now! 

2. WhatsApp promotion message template No. 8 

Hello [Customer Name],

Our most loved [product name] keeps flying off the shelf! Maybe because it’s super affordable. It’s back in stock today. Order now before it runs out of stock, again. Here’s the link: [website address] with an added surprise. 

3. WhatsApp promotion message template No. 9 

Hello [Customer Name],

We heard you! [Product Name] is back in stock due to high demand. Order yours now before it sells out again!  

  1. Monthly Sale


The end-of-the-month message template is perfect to clear out inventory when the month end is remarkably close. Use this monthly sales campaign message to attract new customers and give a boost to the sales before the month ends. Below are a few examples for the same. 

1. WhatsApp promotion message template No. 10 

Hello [Customer Name],

Tired of waiting for the next sale? Our monthly sale is here, and you don’t want to miss out! Get an extra 15% off on all [category name] until the end of the month. Use the code MONTHLY15 at checkout to redeem your discount. Happy shopping! 

2. WhatsApp promotion message template No. 11  

Hey [Customer Name]

Is the end of the month making you feel broke, but you want to pamper yourself? Well, we have an offer. Get 20% off on all our services on the [date] of every month. To book, visit [website address].

3. WhatsApp promotion message template No. 12  

Hello [Customer Name],

Want to stock up on essentials without breaking the bank? Our monthly promotion has got you covered! Get 10% off on all [category name] until the end of the month. Visit [Landing Page Address] now to shop for your favorite products at a discounted price. 

  1. Abandoned Cart Recovery


Oftentimes, customers add items to the shopping cart and leave those items as they are. Somehow, they don’t complete their purchase. This type of incomplete purchase leads to cart abandonment. But eCommerce owners can still recover this otherwise lost sale by sending them an abandon cart message.  

A simple cart abandonment message goes a long way in giving them a reminder. This little extra nudge makes them finish their purchase in case they have left their cart empty because of some distraction. 

So, brands can offer a sweet deal or bonus such as discount on order, complimentary shipping, or complimentary product. This kind of promotional message surely entices the customers to complete their purchases.  

1. WhatsApp promotion message template No. 13  

Dear [Customer Name],

Don’t let this opportunity go! Settle your purchase within the next 24 hours and get a complimentary product with your order. 

2. WhatsApp promotion message template No. 14 

Hey [Customer Name],

You left something in your cart. Grab those now and we’ll ship them for free. 

3. WhatsApp promotion message template No. 15 

Dear [Customer Name],

Don’t miss out on these stunning deals! Finish your purchase within the next 48 hours and get 15% off your total order.  

  1. Loyalty Rewards


Loyal customers have a major role in the growth and sustenance of any business. They are all the time more valuable to brands than new buyers because the cost of obtaining a new customer is higher than the cost of retaining an existing customer. So, businesses strive for customer retention and build a loyal audience base. This strategy is essential for brand owners to keep the marketing expenses low. One of the effective ways to keep customers coming back is to offer them incentives to order again.  

1. WhatsApp promotion message template No. 16  

Dear [Customer Name],  

We’re grateful for your loyalty over the past [Number] years. As a token of appreciation, we’re offering you a [Discount]% off on your next purchase. Thank you for your continued support.

2. WhatsApp promotion message template No. 17 

Hello [Customer Name],

You made our day by ordering from us. Now we are making yours — your wallet has been credited with 100 points that you can use when you order anything from our website next time. The points will expire 1 year from now. Check your total points here: [number]. 

3. WhatsApp promotion message template No. 18  

Dear [Customer Name],  

We noticed that you’ve been a loyal customer for [Number] years now. We couldn’t be more grateful. As a token of appreciation, we’re offering you [Discount]% off on your next purchase. Keep shopping with us!  

  1. Upsell


Upselling involves convincing customers to buy a more expensive or upgraded version of a product or service for longer duration or features. For example, marketers can suggest buying a higher-end model of smartphone with better features. When businesses encourage customers to upgrade their initial purchase, it boosts the value of the sales as businesses are offering premium versions. 

This is a profitable marketing strategy for businesses as they save on acquiring a new customer.   

1. WhatsApp promotion message template No. 19  

Hello [Customer Name],  

Congratulations on the purchase of [product name]. Here’s an insider tip to help you save more money: Extend your subscription for a year to get two month’s subscription for free along with priority customer support.  

2. WhatsApp promotion message template No. 20 

Hello [Customer Name],  

Want in on the deal? Click here: [product page address] to upgrade your account. Got questions? Send us a message here or call us on [mobile number].  

Send WhatsApp promotional messages using WebMaxy 

With WebMaxy WhatsApp Commerce, businesses can easily send promotional WhatsApp marketing messages by creating WhatsApp broadcast. Brands can also track campaign results in a few simple steps.  

  1. Create Broadcast: Login to WebMaxy. Go to WhatsApp Marketing > Broadcast> click on the ‘ Create New Broadcast’ button.
  2. Select message templates:Fill in all the respective details and then preview the box to see how the message will look in the recipient’s chat. 
  3. Send a broadcast message:Send the message immediately or schedule it to be sent in the future. Now, click on ‘Publish Broadcast’ to send the message to the uploaded list of contacts & to those selected while scheduling. 
  4. Track campaign results:eCommerce businesses, having a shop integrated with Shopify, can track two goals, namely orders placed and order value. 

Effective Strategies for Sending WhatsApp Promotional Messages  

For effectively sending WhatsApp promotional messages, it’s crucial to customize these messages for the audience and make the most of the opportunity. Below are some important tips and strategies for crafting the best WhatsApp promotional messages to resonate with audience and drive results. 

  • Customer Segmentation and Personalization 

eCommerce marketers should use this strategy to send the most relevant message to each user and to ensure that messages are reaching the right audience. Customer segmentation can be done based on factors such as location, gender, and purchase history. 

Personalization is another important touchpoint when it comes to WhatsApp marketing. Use existing data and include personalization variables in the promotional message templates. 

  • Track and Analyze Message Data 

Keeping track of data helps to know where the improvements are required, it can be strategy, audience, or messaging. Data analysis is useful to identify when messages are best received and to craft message templates that resonate specifically with the right audience. Another good practice is to avoid sending multiple messages on WhatsApp to less engaged users. 

  • Manage Customer Responses with a Shared Inbox 

When customers have questions about the product or doubts regarding the offer, they may reply to the WhatsApp promotional message and try to reach the brand. To effectively manage such customer inquiries and concerns, a shared WhatsApp inbox is especially useful. With a shared inbox, businesses can assign incoming chats amongst all the team members, use canned responses for quick replies, and even set up auto-replies for specific and common queries. 

  • Interesting and Engaging Message 

A conversational tone with a crisp and to the point message helps create an outstanding message. Don’t forget to include interactive elements such as images, videos, PDFs, or CTA buttons. Try using compelling and easy to understand language that helps customers act upon easily and avoid a sales pitch. Marketers should try to grab the customer’s attention with an engaging tone and clear call to action. 

  • Be Specific and Transparent about the Offerings 

Define the specific value propositions in promotional messages as it will help attract interested customers. Be transparent and honest about the business offerings. When customers get what they expect for their money, it helps in building trust and credibility. 

  • Don’t Overpromote and Avoid Spamming 

Businesses should keep the message short and precise. They should avoid over-promoting as it may cause them to lose their potential customers. Maintain 3:1 ratio to have a balance between transactional & promotional messages. 

Also, marketers should keep in mind WhatsApp’s algorithms to avoid getting identified as spam messages and avoid calling up a false sense of urgency or asking for personal information. Brands should ensure that customers don’t get the impression about dealing with a spam account. 


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Businesses should embrace the potential of WhatsApp promotional messages with the right approach. It’s always better to personalize WhatsApp promotional messages in a way that doesn’t make it appear as a direct promotion. Craft the promotional message in a manner that does not look promotional.  

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How do I write a promotion message on WhatsApp? 

While writing a promotional message on WhatsApp, make sure that it is clear, concise, and to the point. It should be directed at the right audience and include a clear call to action. Here are a few tips to help you write an effective message: 

1.Write an interesting and engaging message  

2.Be specific and honest about your business offerings  

3.Ensure that it is short and concise  

4.Promote your message, but don’t overdo it  

5.Avoid spamming so that you don’t lose customers  

6.Continuously improve your messages 


How to send promotional messages on WhatsApp? 

For sending promotional messages on WhatsApp, you must have WhatsApp Business API which allows businesses to send marketing messages to unlimited users in one go. WebMaxy helps you in integrating WhatsApp API to send promotional messages in bulk easily. You can send these messages to the users who’ve opted-in for receiving WhatsApp notifications from your business. 


How do I broadcast a promotional message on WhatsApp? 

You can check out the following steps to broadcast a promotional message on WhatsApp: 

  1. 1.Open the app and from the menu click on “Broadcast Channel”  
  1. 2.Now on the next screen click on “New Channel” and name the channel and tap on “CREATE CHANNEL”  
  1. 3.You’ll now have a list of contacts to be added to the created channel. You can now either select the contacts you want to be added or add the customer contact details in the excel sheet and import it to the WebMaxy  
  1. 4.Now open the channel and tap on the “Send message” button  
  1. 5.Now select the approved message template and tap on the send button