The Former CEO of Roger Ver used to say, ‘Bitcoin is the most important invention in the history of the world since the Internet’. With its revolutionary growth, Bitcoin has made many Billionaires, and Millionaires among us. 

These Bitcoin billionaires come from different backgrounds. Some started as entrepreneurs, others were early believers in cryptocurrency, and some were experienced investors. They didn’t just sit back and watch; they took risks, invested smartly, and worked hard to reach the top of the wealth ladder in the crypto world.

If you have missed investing early, or are late to start your venture in this industry, Don’t worry, I have mentioned some solutions for entrepreneurs to make profits. This blog post will focus on these super-rich individuals, and how startups can gain momentum from them. From the founder of Binance to the modern-day investor Michel Saylor, we’ll introduce you to the top 5 richest crypto and Bitcoin billionaires of 2024.

#1 Changpeng Zhao

‘The Man, The Myth, The Legend’ There is no introduction needed for him, even if you are new to the world of cryptocurrencies.  Changpeng Zhao (known as CZ) is the founder of Binance (The World’s leading crypto exchange), which takes bitcoins all around the world. Recently he made headlines in the news for pleading guilty to US federal charges of breaking rules.  CZ agreed to pay $200 million in fines. He also agreed to quit as CEO of Binance, and can’t be involved with it for three years. 

Even after all of these, he’s still very rich, with a stake in Binance worth about $32.5 billion. Binance made around $9 billion last year.  His story has motivated many individuals in the crypto industry to begin their own venture.  For business owners planning to start an exchange like this, consider Binance Clone Script Software to make it quick in an affordable way.

 #2 Brian Armstrong    

‘Coinbase is the ‘Brand’ in the crypto space’ wonder! Why have I mentioned Coinbase here? There is a reason. The world’s #2 crypto billionaire is the Co-founder of this exchange, Brian Armstrong.  He helped start Coinbase with Fred Ehrsam in 2013. 

He owns the most shares, about 18%. After the approval of the Bitcoin ETF, the value of Coinbase’s stock has gone up a lot recently, making it worth almost $60 billion.  He currently has a worth of $11.2 billion.  The crypto industry may seem like a golden egg, but business owners should be aware of the updates and trends happening in the current market to make revenues like him.  If you’re planning to launch an exchange like him, utilize a Coinbase Clone Script that is provided by many companies out there to make profits in this crypto boom.

#3 Giancarlo Devasini   

The top 2 Billionaires in this industry were exchange owners, but the third one will leave you in surprise.  With a net worth of $9.2 Billion, the CFO and largest individual shareholder of Tether holds the 3rd place.  Followed by Bitcoin, many new cryptocurrencies have been launched into the market.  

Tether is a stablecoin, which is like digital dollars tied to FIAT money. More than 100 billion Tether tokens have been made. Tether made $6.2 billion in profit last year by earning interest on the money people put up as security. Following him, many individuals have created their own coin and made profits. If you want to earn huge in this, develop your own cryptocurrency and launch it to the public with updated procedures.  

#4 Michael Saylor

Saylor is a big name in the bitcoin industry.  Saylor has a net worth of $4.4 Billion as he is the top gainer among crypto billionaires this year. MicroStrategy, a software company he founded and later turned into a Bitcoin investment platform, has seen its stock rise by almost 500% since last year. 

It now holds around 193,000 bitcoins, more than any other company. Are you planning to invest/trade cryptocurrencies to make gains, but don’t know what to do? Crypto Trading Bot Development may help you with this to automate trades in predetermined rules.

#5 Paolo Ardoino  

Ardoino’s net worth was $3.9 billion as Tether’s CEO.  He owns an estimated 20% shares of the company. He has gone through many industries, starting from as a computer programmer in various start-up companies.  After this, he joined Bitfinex (Tether’s sister company) as a senior software developer.  Ardoino previously worked in startups as a computer programmer.


The richest people in the world of cryptocurrency in 2024 have faced challenges but haven’t given up on their ideas till the end. At the top is CZ, who founded Binance and is worth billions despite legal troubles. Then there’s Brian Armstrong, who made a fortune with Coinbase, showing that traditional finance can merge with the crypto world. These billionaires show that understanding blockchain technology will lead to success in many aspects. Then why wait? Contact a Blockchain Services Provider to make everything possible.