Say that name quickly: CJRB Knives. It sounds like CRKT, doesn’t it?

That might make your counterfeit meter run up, but don’t let it. These are far from knockoffs.

CJRB Knives are a subsidiary of Artisan Cutlery and the brand is one of the hottest in the market right now.

For good reason, too. Here are the top 6 things you’ll love about CJRB Knives.

Blade Steels

Yes, CJRB Knives are made with proven knife steels like D2, damascus, 12C27, and even super steels like S90V.

These selling points are enough in their own right, but select CJRB knives are also made with AR-RPM9, a unique powder metallurgy steel that can be found in models like the CJRB Pyrite, Maileah, and Mica.

This alloy is rich in carbon and chromium, giving it the dual ability to hold an edge and resist rust. This makes it highly utilitarian.

This alloy is also fortified with cobalt and vanadium, increasing toughness and wear-resistance.

But of course, the brand also employs other super steels as well.

Scale Materials

The majority of CJRB knives are made with extremely durable G10, but some are made with carbon fiber.

Some are even made with “damascus” G10 which exhibits a beautifully swirled pattern. Others are made with steel or titanium.

But, the point is that all of these CJRB knives are made with durable synthetic scale materials that stand up to hard use and require minimal care and attention.

Unique Patterns and Profiles

If there’s one brand out there that is getting creative with knife design, it’s CJRB. Have you ever noticed how all Bucks and Spydercos look the same?

Well, you can’t say that about CJRB. As plain as the CJRB Pyrite and Feldspar are, there’s a Maileah, Gobi, and Crag for each of these.

They’re not blowing the lid off convention, but they tread with just enough confidence to hold attention with unique designs that retain their practicality. That is not easy to do.

Which brings us to our next point…

Designed by Industry Elites

CJRB knives are designed by some of the most influential knifemakers in the industry.

Consider the CJRB Maileah, designed by Savannah Swaggerty, the CJRB Hyperlite, designed by Joe Flowers.

This is just a small sampling of what’s available in their catalog.


CJRB knives are designed for utility and are made with practical carry options like reversible pocket clips. Some designs even allow for both tip up or tip down carry.

Some models, like the CJRB Maileah, feature not only dual thumb studs but also a flipper tab, affording users a multiplicity of methods for deployment.

And, on top of that, many models pioneer new lock types, like the Pyrite and Mica, both of which are made with button locks, and the Hectare which features a bar-lock in the likeness of Benchmade’s AXIS.


At the end of all this, CJRB knives are relatively affordable and only exclusive, select models break the $100 barrier. They are, by and large, impressively affordable especially when compared to premium and custom knives.

Just one more reason to love the brand.

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