When identifying the top growing companies in Fort Lauderdale, we consider factors such as revenue growth, job creation, and innovation within their sectors. This approach helps spotlight businesses that are not only on a rapid expansion trajectory but also making significant contributions to the local economy and employment landscape. The diversity of industries among these top performers underlines Fort Lauderdale’s dynamic business environment, from tech startups to logistics giants and digital marketing firms.

Ajroni Web Agency

Ajroni Web Agency has made a remarkable leap in the digital marketing & web design industry. In just one year, they climbed from being unranked to the #1 position on Google Maps in Fort Lauderdale. Their significant rise in Google search rankings underscores their expertise in SEO & online marketing strategies. With a portfolio of over 40 new projects in the local area, Ajroni Web Agency has proven its ability to deliver effective web solutions and drive digital growth for its clients.


As a key player in the logistics and transportation sector, 365 LOGISTICS has demonstrated exceptional growth, highlighting its importance in Fort Lauderdale’s expanding trade and commerce scene. Their innovative logistics solutions have streamlined supply chains for businesses across the region, enhancing efficiency and reliability in deliveries and freight management. This growth not only reflects their operational excellence but also their pivotal role in supporting the local economy.

Digital Resource

Specializing in advertising & marketing, Digital Resource has established itself as a leader in the digital space. Their strategic approach to online marketing & SEO has enabled numerous businesses to enhance their online presence and reach. With a focus on measurable results and innovative strategies, Digital Resource has consistently delivered growth for their clients, earning them a spot on the prestigious Inc. 5000 list as a testament to their success and impact in the industry.


ShipMonk stands out in the logistics and transportation industry with over 1,025% growth, showcasing its robust capabilities in order fulfillment and inventory management. Their state-of-the-art technology and customer-centric approach have revolutionized how e-commerce businesses manage their logistics, leading to improved efficiency and customer satisfaction. ShipMonk’s rapid expansion is a clear indicator of their excellence and the increasing demand for sophisticated logistics solutions.

Sloane Staffing

In the competitive field of business products and services, Sloane Staffing has distinguished itself with an impressive growth rate of 897%. Their expertise in recruitment and staffing solutions has helped numerous companies in Fort Lauderdale find the right talent to drive their growth. By focusing on personalized service and understanding the unique needs of each client, Sloane Staffing has become a trusted partner for businesses looking to expand their teams.

Gravity IT Resources

With a growth rate of 299%, Gravity IT Resources has made its mark in the human resources sector by providing innovative IT staffing solutions. Their ability to match top tech talent with the right companies has been instrumental in the success of numerous IT projects and initiatives in the region. Their commitment to quality and a deep understanding of the tech industry’s needs have propelled their growth and established them as a key player in the local market.


Operating in the business products and services sector, CloudHesive has achieved significant growth with a 353% increase, highlighting their expertise in cloud solutions. Their services, ranging from cloud security to managed services, have enabled businesses to leverage cloud technology effectively, enhancing their operational efficiency and scalability. CloudHesive’s growth is a testament to the increasing importance of cloud computing in today’s digital landscape and their ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

These companies represent a variety of industries, from digital marketing and logistics to human resources and IT services, showcasing the diverse economic landscape of Fort Lauderdale. Their growth not only contributes to the local economy but also sets a benchmark for innovation and excellence in their respective fields.