In an era of constant mobility and heightened security, on-time delivery of mission-critical systems is a must. ADDERView Secure Multi-Viewer is designed to overcome these challenges.

It allows operators to view up to four computers in real-time from a single station. Continue reading to discover why the ADDERView Secure multi-viewer switch is an essential element for any organization.

Video Performance

The ADDERview multi-viewer has a UHD 4K video output resolution. Thus, you have the capability of preserving the HD input signal quality even in a tile window layout.

This high video performance level ensures crisp and clear pictures on multiple screens. It provides the operators with a superior ability to monitor and control multiple critical systems.

Automatic Switching

The auto-switching function of the ADDERview secure multi-viewer switch is one of the distinguishing features. It provides an easy way to switch channels (KVM plus audio).

Simply move the mouse along the screen border while pressing the Ctrl key. The easy-to-use interface feature helps to avoid unintentional switching, thus ensuring the target PCs’ non-disruption.

Channel Identification

The ADDERView Secure multi-viewer displays the name of each channel and its security classification on the e-paper display. This feature reduces the risk of human error.

Furthermore, the channel LED color can be customized. It highlights the security level, which acts as a visual aid that assists operators in identifying the current channel.

Flexible Screen Layout

The operators will be able to pick from different preset window layouts. They can also create their own custom layouts by dragging and resizing the windows.

With the dual output ports, extended or dual display modes can be selected. It enables operators to select the preferred arrangement and configuration that suit their operations.

Secure Design Features

The ADDERView multi-viewer switch integrates numerous security components to block unauthorized use and access. These features include:

  •    No Shared RAM Between Channels: The mouse processor and keyboard are disabled and rebooted during the patching phase.  The RAM and the data it processes are not shared during the switchover, resulting in data integrity and security.
  •    Hardware Anti-Tampering: Holographic anti-tampering labels protect and reside on the product’s exterior panel, showcasing vibrant holographic visuals. It assures authenticity and acts as an indicator if the product’s enclosure has been opened or compromised. It helps in improving physical security.
  •    Restricted USB Function: The USB ports only accept HID devices (Human Interface Devices), such as keyboards and mice. It helps to ensure other devices, like USB storage drives, cannot connect, reducing data vulnerability.
  •    Audio Hold: The operator can assign the audio port on a particular computer while switching to the KVM of another computer. It filters the audio that is coming from one computer and works on another.


The ADDERView multi-viewer is a versatile and secure choice for operators handling mission-critical systems. They are essential for businesses and individuals having to work with multiple security classification levels.

Its features include advanced video, automatic switching, and a robust design. Its multitude of advantages make it a must-have tool during missions that require easy and reliable performance.