These boxes are known as setup boxes because they are not pre-designed. You need to set them to give them a proper presentable look.

Although, these boxes look premium and luxurious. But there are some innovative ideas too that can enhance their presentation along with their look and feel.

In this blog, we will discuss ten techniques that can assist you in making your product more presentable and highly appealing to onlookers. For More Innovative printing and packaging ideas. Read this Blog.

  1. Try to Make an Interactive Box

As these boxes are durable and sturdy that’s why they are ideal for the packaging of gift items and various other luxury products too.

That’s why if you interactively design your Custom Rigid box it will be more effective for you.

Furthermore, the interactive boxes include interactive aspects such as hidden chambers, pull-out drawers, and sliding trays. They can be used to make puzzles, games, and toys.

Such packaging boxes which involve human interaction are more admired by customers.

  1. Add a Visible Pane or Window section on your Boxes

A sturdy box with a window cut can enhance the presentation of your product by 2x. However, there are multiple benefits of designing your package with the window cut.

Whereas, custom boxes have a clear plastic or glass window that showcases the product inside. These boxes are perfect for high-end items like jewellery, watches, and cosmetics.

Customers don’t need to be confused about the stuffed item. As they can easily examine the product without disturbing the fresh look of the boxes.

Besides this, a tempting factor can be added to your product presentation with the addition of windows.

  1. Eco-friendly stuff should be your Prior Concern

While designing Rigid Boxes you must take care of the decomposition of your packaging stock. However, with growing concern about the environment, eco-friendly boxes are becoming increasingly popular.

Moreover, these boxes are made from sustainable materials like recycled cardboard, bamboo, or biodegradable plastics.

  1. Add a Premium Touch with Magnetic Closer

However, there are an array of box styles that can be created with the help of rigid stock. Booklet shape packaging is one of them. However, Magnetic closure boxes are a sophisticated and secure packaging solution. These boxes have a magnet that snaps the lid into place, giving them a sleek and classy appearance.

  1. Make them more feasible with the Capability of Folding

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Folding cartons can also be crafted with this stock. Rigid boxes wholesale can be designed in this style too. However, foldable boxes save space and are simple to assemble and disassemble. They are ideal for shipping products or as gift boxes.

  1. Bright up your packaging with LED lights

This is a booming trend these days most brands are designing their jewellery boxes, and watch boxes with a small LED light. Which lights up when you open the box.

This sparkling addition can make your product box more attractive. However, boxes have LED lights incorporated into them that illuminate the product within. They can be applied to things like electronics, cosmetics, and food too.

  1. Personalize your boxes with your imagination

Many brands are using these boxes as PR packages or sending gifts to their regular customers. On the eve of the New Year, you can send gifts to your old customers with their names printed on them.

Similarly, some brands prefer to add their logo on the lids. However, Custom boxes with logo are an excellent method to create a one-of-a-kind packing experience. They can be personalized with a customer’s name, logo, or other design elements.

  1. Improve Space Consumption with multiple Compartment

You can enhance the space by adding cardboard dividers inside the boxes. These boxes are ideal for organizing items such as stationery, cosmetics, and craft supplies. They include several sections that can be configured to fit various products.

  1. Craft these Boxes in Various Shapes

With the customization, you can craft these boxes in any relevant shape. However, the shaped boxes are a unique and interesting way to package things. They can be made to look like animals, fruits, or other objects, making them ideal for gifts and specialized items.

Like, rigid vape boxes in blueberry shape, can indicate the flavour of the packed vape.

  1. Add some Texture to your Boxes to Enhance their Visual Appeal

You can do customised printing on your custom packaging boxes too. Brand theme-based printing can help your company to grow.

Moreover, the textured boxes give packing a tactile touch. They can be embossed with patterns, textures, or designs to provide the customer with a one-of-a-kind and memorable experience.