Andrew Hill Personal Training, established in 2015, has become a beacon of success with over 100+ stories of individuals achieving their health and fitness goals. Founded by Andrew Hill, who once battled with weight issues as a teenager, the organization has grown into a comprehensive personal care and fitness service provider in Leicester, UK. This article delves into the journey of Andrew Hill and the innovative approach his team offers through The LEAF Method to facilitate lasting fat loss.


Andrew Hill’s Personal Journey:

Andrew Hill’s personal struggle with weight as a teenager motivated him to embark on a transformative journey. His dedication to understanding fat loss, fitness, and nutrition fueled his passion to help others facing similar challenges. Over the years, he committed himself to community service and assisting those seeking support for their health, weight, and body confidence.

Comprehensive Personal Care:

Andrew Hill Personal Training collaborates with various professionals, including healthcare experts, nutrition therapists, counselors, and beauty professionals, offering clients an all-encompassing personal care and fitness service. This holistic approach ensures a one-stop-shop for individuals looking to enhance their overall well-being.

Addressing Common Concerns:

The organization recognizes the common challenges faced by many, such as time constraints, difficulty in maintaining a healthy diet, and the desire to stay connected to a supportive community. In response, Andrew Hill poses questions to Leicester residents, addressing concerns about trimming down, improving fitness, managing time effectively, and achieving health goals amid busy lifestyles.

The LEAF Method – A Revolutionary Approach:

Andrew Hill Personal Training introduces The LEAF Method, a revolutionary way to achieve lasting fat loss in as little as 12 weeks. The method is structured around three core pillars:

  1. Fuel – Optimizing Nutrition:
    • Teaches clients how to optimize their diet without eliminating their favorite foods.
    • Focuses on overcoming emotional eating and making nutrition the cornerstone of the fat loss journey.
  2. Personal One-To-One Coaching:
    • Implements small and simple tweaks to nutrition for noticeable results.
    • Allows clients to enjoy their favorite foods and drinks while achieving amazing results.
  3. 24/7 Support & Amazing Aftercare:
    • Ensures clients are never alone on their fitness journey.
    • Offers continuous support to help individuals stay on track even after completing the program.

The Power of Community and Accountability:

Andrew Hill emphasizes the importance of having the right coaching team, community, support, and accountability to make the journey towards fitness goals much easier. The organization promises around-the-clock support to ensure clients achieve the desired results.

Your Potential for Transformation:

Andrew Hill reassures Leicester residents that they are not alone in their struggles and have the potential to get into the best shape of their lives. The team, led by fitness experts, healthcare professionals, nutrition coaches, and counselors, is dedicated to helping individuals reclaim their health and fitness rapidly.


Andrew Hill Personal Training, with its innovative LEAF Method, offers a transformative experience for individuals seeking lasting fat loss. With a proven track record, a commitment to comprehensive personal care, and a supportive community, Andrew Hill and his team stand as leaders in helping clients achieve the best shape of their lives.

So, if you find yourself frustrated with your weight and body, remember that Andrew Hill and his team are ready to guide you towards a healthier, fitter, and more confident version of yourself. Today is the day to make that change!


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