Your vehicle is an extension of your personality. It makes a statement about who you are wherever you go. One of the best ways to customize your car, truck, or van and really make it your own is with a custom vehicle wrap. Vehicle wrapping has become an extremely popular way to decorate and advertise with vehicles. Let’s take a look at what exactly vehicle wraps in Houston are, the different types available, benefits of wraps, and things to keep in mind if you’re considering getting a custom wrap for your vehicle.

What Are Vehicle Wraps?

A vehicle wrap refers to a large vinyl graphic that is installed over the entire exterior of a vehicle. The vinyl wrap displays a design, image, or advertisement that completely covers the original paint or finish underneath. Vehicle wraps can be full wraps which cover every inch of the vehicle, or partial wraps which only wrap specific sections. The vinyl is printed with digital imaging to display whatever the owner wants. When done right, a vehicle wrap makes it appear as though the design is actually painted on the vehicle. The wrap protects the original paint and can be removed later without damage.

Types of Vehicle Wraps

There are a few main types of wraps available:

  • Full Wrap: Covers the entire vehicle, bumper to bumper
  • Partial Wrap: Covers only specific portions like the hood, sides, or trunk
  • Color Change Wrap: Changes the entire color of the vehicle
  • Matte Wrap: Has a matte or dull finish rather than glossy
  • Printed Wrap: Displays a graphic design, logo, photo or text
  • Perforated Window Wrap: Allows visibility from the inside out

Popular designs for wraps include custom colors, digital prints of photos or artwork, company logos and branding, and even simulated paint effects like chrome, carbon fiber or brushed metal. The options are endless!

Benefits of Vehicle Wrapping

Why should you consider getting a wrap for your car, truck or van? There are many benefits:

  • Customization – Make your vehicle truly one-of-a-kind
  • Advertising – Turn your vehicle into a moving billboard for your business
  • Protection – Shields original paint from scratches and wear
  • Cost Effective – Much cheaper than a full custom paint job
  • Change It Up – Wraps can be removed and replaced whenever you want a new look
  • Resale Value – A professionally done wrap shows you’ve invested in the vehicle
  • Attention Grabbing – Stand out on the road with unique colors and graphics
  • Easy Maintenance – Vinyl wraps hold up well and can just be washed like normal
  • Fun Conversation Starter – Wraps give people something interesting to chat about

Considerations for Vehicle Wrapping

While vehicle wraps offer amazing customization, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Cost – Prices vary greatly based on size and complexity of design. Full wraps can be $2,000-$5,000.
  • Design – You’ll want to work with an experienced wrap company to evaluate your design options and make sure it will transfer to a wrap well.
  • Installation – Wrapping is best left to seasoned professionals to ensure the vinyl adheres properly with no bubbling or lifting.
  • Maintenance – Avoid automated car washes. Hand washing is best to prevent peeling and damage to the wrap.
  • Removal – Wraps can be difficult to take off yourself. Have a professional handle removal when it’s time.
  • Vehicle Condition – Any dents or damage should be repaired first before wrapping for the best finish.

Final Words

Custom vehicle wraps allow you to revamp the look of your car, truck or van completely. They offer immense creative possibilities to make your vehicle uniquely you. When done professionally, vehicle wraps protect the original exterior while turning your vehicle into a personalized work of art on wheels. Whether you want to just change up the color, promote your business, make a statement, or surprise people with an eye-catching concept, there’s a vehicle wrap perfect for your style. Just choose your trusted wrap shop wisely and let their experienced staff guide you through the options to create the wrap design of your dreams. Cruising down the highway in your very own mobile canvas will be worth the investment.