ChatGPT has been the talk of the town since the very first day of its launch, thanks to its ultrahuman capabilities. But what if we told you, it’s totally possible to train its underlying models to do specific tasks and make your own GPT. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Custom versions of ChatGPT allow you to put together any combination of skills and extra knowledge to serve specific purposes. Let’s first understand what are GPTs!

What is a custom GPT?

OpenAI defines GPTs as a new way of creating tailored versions of ChatGPT. Anyone can build custom ChatGPTs to simplify specific tasks and even share these useful tools with others through a community. And here’s the best thing about custom ChatGPT: creating one is as easy as starting a conversation!

If you want to build a GPT from scratch, here are 4 key reasons why you shouldn’t delay.

  1. While ChatGPT is arguably very adept at performing several tasks, there are certain limitations users faced in terms of control they had over it. Custom GPTs allow you to customize the ChatGPT to your preferences and needs, and as a result, you get better results faster!
  2. By allowing users to innovate and experiment, OpenAI has given the builders an opportunity to redefine what’s possible when you use artificial intelligence technology to its best abilities. If you want to build a helpful tool for yourself or the community, OpenAI GPT builder will give you all the customization options you need.
  3. Once you’ve built your own GPT, you can have it listed on the GPT store. Now, what does that mean? Not only can others benefit from the tool you’ve built, but you can also make money depending upon how many people are using your custom ChatGPT! Who doesn’t want some extra money on the side, after all?
  4. There could be special benefits of a custom GPT for you if you are an enterprise! You can enjoy improved customization that aligns with your business by deploying internal-only GPTs. Looking for some assistance with developing a ChatGPT custom model for your enterprise? We will be happy to help!

Cannot Find a Tool that Supports Your Needs? Build Your Own GPT!

Since there is endless room for easy customization, you can build your own GPT that serves the particular needs of your industry.


Custom GPTs for the healthcare industry can be used to provide useful insights on their medical conditions and treatment plans, which can be immensely helpful in managing chronic conditions. Other than that, GPTs can also facilitate virtual consultations and medical record analysis to offer personalized treatment plans.


Some of the noteworthy use cases of custom GPTS for the finance industry include customer service automation, and financial advisory and planning on the basis of user data. Custom GPTs can also be used to identify potentially fraudulent activities by analyzing transaction patterns.

Retail & Ecommerce

You can leverage custom GPTs to enhance your customers’ shopping experience by recommending products based on their preferences. Additionally, GPTs can help reduce overstock and stockouts in the retail & ecommerce industry by predicting inventory needs and forecasting demand trends.


People working in the education domain can create tailored learning experiences for students using custom GPTs. These can also be trained to provide real-time homework help to students and administrative automation for students.

Real Estate

Real estate industry professionals can use custom GPTs to enhance client management by automating routine tasks. The insights from GPTs on property values and investment opportunities can also be used for improved market analysis and predictions.


Custom GPTs can be immensely useful for legal professionals given how adept these models are at reviewing legal documents. These can also conduct legal research by summarizing case laws and legal precedents to provide comprehensive information to lawyers, saving up tons of effort and time.

Human Resources

For the HR professionals, custom GPTs can simplify recruitment and candidate screening by conducting initial interviews and shortlisting candidates that fir the predefined criteria. They can also be trained to handle employee support by providing them with information on company policies and such. To add to that, custom GPTs can also be used to create personalized training programs and provide feedback for employee development.

Custom GPTs are an interesting use case of artificial intelligence services as they can be extremely helpful with streamlining operations and improving client experiences. These GPTs are specifically helpful in industries where personalized and real-time interaction are critical. Are you curious how creating your own ChatGPT may benefit you in a competitive industry? Talk to our AI experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to build your custom ChatGPT with custom knowledge base?

Building a custom GPT with a custom knowledge base requires you to upload documents with relevant information directly to knowledge.

What is the difference between custom GPT and ChatGPT?

The most significant difference between the custom GPT and ChatGPT is the former can be customized to suit specific requirements. While custom GPTs are designed to address specific problems, ChatGPT can cater to a number of use cases. Custom GPTs are more efficient and reliable when used in appropriate scenarios.

What model is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is based on GPT-3.5 architecture. Its latest and most advanced model yet is GPT-4o.

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