Selecting the appropriate flooring is the first step in creating a functional and visually pleasant ambience when creating interior spaces. Today, large format tiles also offer a practical and stylish flooring alternative, which is why they are growing in popularity among property owners and interior designers. These tiles are a flexible choice for remodelling spaces since they provide so many advantages, from practicality to beauty. Get to know ways to transform your interiors with large-sized tiles and also, discover which is the best tile showroom in Jalandhar to find the ideal floor tiles.

Benefits of Large Format Tiles for Floors

1. Spacious Appeal

Choosing large format tiles can be the ideal choice if you want to create a room that seems airy and welcoming. The appearance of a smooth surface created by these enormous tiles adds to the room’s openness and spaciousness. These tiles provide a seamless appearance with fewer grout lines breaking the surface, improving the room’s overall attractiveness.

2. Modern Aesthetics

Large format tiles give any area a modern touch thanks to their sleek and stylish look. These tiles elevate the overall design concept whether they are utilised in residential or commercial settings since they convey refinement and flair. Today, you can easily find modern design tiles at your nearest floor tile shop.

3. Easy to Maintain

Since these tiles are larger, fewer grout lines are needed, which means less maintenance work. Large format floor tiles are easier to clean and offer better resistance to stains and dirt accumulation since there is less grout to clean and maintain.

4. Increased Durability

Compared to their smaller counterparts, large-size tiles are more robust by nature. They are appropriate for high-traffic areas like kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms because of their size and thickness, which also add to their robustness and resilience.

5. Adaptable Design Options

Large format tiles come in a variety of hues, patterns, and textures, and can be used with materials including wooden style elements, marble design tiles, and metallic finish elements. Due to its adaptability, homeowners and interior designers can let their creativity run wild and realise their ideal aesthetic vision.


Now you have some reasons to use large-sized tiles but do you know how to use them to embrace your interior design? Check out ways to use these tiles in the next section.

How to Use Large Format Floor Tiles in Your Interior Design

1. Create Living Spaces with Open ConceptĀ 

Large format floor tiles can be used to aesthetically unite disparate rooms in an open floor plan house without sacrificing style. These tiles create a cohesive design plan whether they are utilised consistently throughout the room or only in some important sections like the dining room or living room.

2. Spa-like Bathrooms

Use large format tiles for your floors with a calming colour scheme and delicate textures to turn your bathroom into an opulent refuge. To create a quiet and relaxing spa-like atmosphere, go for muted colours and simple decorations.

3. Prominent Entrances

Large format tiles installed in your foyer or doorway will leave a lasting impact on visitors. To create a dramatic focal point that sets the tone for the rest of your house, go for bright colours or strong patterns.

4. Integrated Kitchen Design

Large-size floor tiles provide both flair and practicality in the kitchen. If you want a streamlined and coordinated design, go for a monochromatic style with matching countertops or create a continuous backsplash by extending the tiles from the floor to the walls. To find the best kitchen design tiles, visit a tile showroom in Jalandhar as the place is known for offering desirable tiles.

5. Outdoor Entertaining Spaces

Create a smooth transition from indoor to outdoor areas by extending your living area outdoors with large format tiles. These tiles improve the overall visual appeal of any patio, deck, or poolside area while withstanding the weather.

6. Smooth Transitions from Indoor to Outdoor

Use large format floor tiles that flow naturally from inside spaces to patios, decks, or poolside areas to expand your living area outside. Using the same tile outside and interior results in a seamless visual flow that makes it difficult to distinguish between outdoor and indoor living areas. This improves the overall curb appeal of your house while fostering a healthy relationship with the natural world.


In conclusion, there are several advantages to large format tiles, including improved durability, simple maintenance, and a spacious look with modern aesthetics. You can improve the overall scheme of your home design while having a useful and fashionable flooring solution by using these tiles. Visit the Orientbell Tiles Boutique, a famous tile showroom in Jalandhar if you’re feeling motivated to use large format floor tiles to improve your area. Look through their vast selection of tiles, which includes both traditional and modern designs, to find the ideal choice for your preferences and way of life. You can make your interior design concept a reality and create a setting that embodies your individuality with the help of Orientbell Tiles.

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