Citizenship has long been one of the most challenging aspects for Turkish citizenship lawyer. Citizenship can be acquired at birth or through naturalization. It entails various rights and responsibilities as a member of a nation. The matter of citizenship can become complex, often involving disputes that extend beyond national borders.

How to Get Turkish Citizenship?

Turkish Citizenship by Naturalization: Turkish citizenship can be acquired through naturalization according to Turkish Immigration Law. Foreign investors with a certain legal income, over 18, without a criminal record, and without contagious diseases can apply for Turkish citizenship.

Can Foreigners Get Turkish Citizenship?

Foreigners and Turkish Citizenship: Foreigners can gain Turkish citizenship through investment or marriage, as per Law No. 5901 on Turkish Citizenship.

Can You Get Turkish Citizenship by Buying a House?

Citizenship Through Property Purchase: Yes, buying a house can lead to Turkish citizenship for foreigners, facilitating long-term residency in Turkey.

How to Apply for Turkish Citizenship?

Application Process: Applying for Turkish citizenship involves meticulous preparation of paperwork and submission of documents to the relevant ministry. Legal guidance from immigration lawyers is critical for a successful application.

The Role of Turkish Citizenship Lawyers

Expert Guidance: Turkish citizenship lawyer specialize in obtaining legal residency in Turkey and handling related immigration issues.

How to Get Turkish Citizenship by Investment?

Investment-Based Citizenship: There is growing interest in obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment. The application process involves specific paperwork and is granted by the President of Turkey under Article 20 of the Regulation on the Implementation of the Law on Turkish Citizenship.

What are the Main Advantages of Turkish Citizenship?

Benefits of Turkish Citizenship: Turkish citizenship offers numerous benefits, including legal residency, various rights, and opportunities to create a new life in Turkey.

Is Turkish Citizenship Worth It?

Value of Turkish Citizenship: Acquiring Turkish citizenship provides legal residency and various rights as a member of the nation. It also helps avoid severe administrative and criminal sanctions associated with illegal stay or entry into Turkey.

Conditions for a Legal Stay in Turkey

Legal Residency Options: In addition to Turkish citizenship, options like work permits, residence permits, and international protection provide legal residency solutions. These processes can be complex and lengthy.

Services Provided by Turkish Citizenship Lawyers

Comprehensive Legal Services: Turkish citizenship lawyers offer strategic advice on:

  • Citizenship application and renunciation
  • Replacement of citizenship documents
  • Deportation and return orders
  • Immigration issues
  • Entry bans for foreigners
  • Dual nationality issues
  • Work and residence permits
  • International protection
  • Citizenship by investment, marriage, or birth

Can I Get Turkish Citizenship After 5 Years?

Residency Requirement: Foreigners who legally reside in Turkey for 5 continuous years are eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship.

Can I Get Turkish Citizenship by Marriage?

Marriage-Based Citizenship: Under Article 16 of the Law on Turkish Citizenship, foreigners married to a Turkish citizen for at least three years can apply for Turkish citizenship.

Can I Get a Residence Permit by Marriage?

Family Residence Permit: According to Article 34 of Law No. 6458, a family residence permit can be obtained, valid for up to 2 years per term.

Can Students Get Turkish Citizenship?

Student Residency: While education can provide legal residency through a visa, gaining Turkish citizenship requires more. However, distinguished scientists and researchers may apply for the Turquoise Card for long-term stay.

Can I Get a Turkish Passport If My Parent Is Turkish?

Citizenship by Descent: Yes, under Article 7 of Law No. 5901, a child born to a Turkish parent, whether in Turkey or abroad, is a Turkish citizen.