Antennas are of multiple types such as horn antenna, Yagi antenna, omnidirectional antenna, plasma antenna, and so on. A microwave antenna is a kind of device that is used for physical transmission and broadcasting microwave transmissions between different places.

Microwave Antennas will help in receiving a strong microwave network. They are developed to suit mechanical and electrical needs. The different types of microwave antennas have different features and functions. In this blog, we will discuss the various types of microwave antennas with their different properties and uses.

Different types of Microwave antennas and their applications

Now, let us discuss the various kinds of microwave antennas in this section:

  1. Horn Antenna

Another name for a horn antenna is a microwave antenna. This antenna contains a waveguide that has flared and walls that form a megaphone-like structure. Horns are used in frequencies that range above 300 MHz and higher frequencies. These antennas help to know the gain of other kinds of antennas.

You can use a horn antenna as a directive as well as calibrating antennas in devices such as automatic door openers and microwave-radio meters. Horn antennas provide various benefits such as low-standing wave ratio, broad bandwidth, and so on. Moreover, this antenna has a range of 25 dB.

  1. Plasma antenna

The next antenna on the list is the Plasma antenna. It is a type of radio antenna that uses plasma instead of metal elements. A few years back, the metal elements were used in the making of plasma antennas. The gas in this antenna gets ionized when the reception occurs. It can work even at a frequency range of 90GHz.

In addition, the plasma antennas can easily transfer signals at both low and high frequencies. They are widely used in applications such as RFID, high-speed digital communications, and radar systems.

  1. Parabolic Antenna

Parabolic Antenna works with the help of a parabolic reflector. It has a shape like a parabolic dish with a high directivity. This antenna is used as a radio telescope and point-to-point communication as it has a high-end gain. Apart from that, it is also used as radar. You can use parabolic antennas with the help of a narrow beam wave of radio to different tools like ships and airplanes.

  1. Yagi Antenna

Yagi antenna is a type of antenna that uses a driven element. It contains a reflector behind the driven element and a director in the front part. This antenna is very easy to use and has a simple design. You can easily optimize Yagi antennas for various features like front-to-back ratio, bandwidth, and gain with the help of modern antenna software.

Some Yagi antennas use a corner reflector at the back of the driven element to improve performance. Besides, this antenna is also very simple to construct with the help of simple materials. It can be used in various applications such as HF, UHF, and VHF brands by adding different materials.

  1. Airborne Antenna

The next on the list is Airborne Antenna. It is widely used in many airborne platforms such as communication systems and radio navigation. This antenna is specifically developed to be used in difficult areas for many years to get optimum efficiency and hassle-free operations.

In addition, you can use airborne antennas in multiple frequency bands, standard commercial bands, and military and scientific bands. Moreover, you can use airborne antennas on the aircraft in the form of a data link system.

  1. Military Antenna

As the name suggests, the military antenna is used in various military antenna solutions like marine, defense, shipboard, land mobile radio, government applications, and military monitoring. It is one of the most important parts of military tactical communication and warfare applications like electronic warfare and signals intelligence.

Military antennas are available in multiple kinds such as multi-band antennae, dual polarized log periodic antennae, tactical radio relay antennae, aviation band antennae, marine band antennae, HF broadband dipole antennae, unmanned aerial vehicles, and so on.

  1. Omni Directional Antenna

An Omni Directional Antenna is a kind of antenna that transmits energy in every horizontal direction equally. These antennas are widely used in applications that require good coverage. They can be used to get the maximum coverage in special applications. You can use certain kinds of microwave antennas in a variety of frequency gains and bands as well.

Final words

These are the different kinds of microwave antennas with different features and properties. They are widely used in the different satellite communications, radar systems and radios.

You can easily get the best grade microwave antennas from the various manufacturers and antenna dealers. Some manufacturers also offer a heavy discount on the bulk order of microwave antennas. You can look at the various quotes of the different manufacturers and compare the prices to get the best product at affordable cost.