You would know that homework and assignments are one of the ubiquitous parts of the life of students. No one can run away from these works. The person can only run for help. When the person thinks about the homework help then they can visit the course hero. Most people would doubt how to unblur course hero

The students are provided with real and tangible courses from the colleges and schools. The expectations of finding the exact answers to the questions are very high. They would be provided with the answers but they are blurred. So, these answers are not helpful. If the person wants to know how to unblur course hero answers they have to read the below content.

The Official Methods

The person would know that on the internet there are official ways and unofficial ways as well. There are many ways that a person can follow to unblur course hero answers. It depends on the person whether they want to buy a subscription or use free methods.

Upload Documents to Unblur The Answers

This is one of the official ways which a person can follow to unblur course hero answers for free and it is considered as one of the easiest ways which they can follow. If the person wants to unblur the answers then they would be requiring original notes or documents. The content you are having must be original either you own the copyright or ask permission from the person for uploading the documents. 

The data which is present in the document should not be plagiarized. When the person creates an account on this platform then they have to upload the documents or notes on the course hero site. Once the person has uploaded the documents on this platform, they have to wait for a few hours or 3 days. 

When the document is approved by the platform, they will be getting free unlocks on the emails. 5 unlocks would be provided to the person for every 10 successfully approved documents. 

The person can use the 1 unlock the one-course hero document. They should upload the extra document on this platform because there are chances that it might get selected and they would get extra free unlocks. The unlocks which are provided to the person would be valid for only 30 days. After that, it would expire. This is the easiest method which a person can use to unblur course hero. 

Get a Course Hero Subscription

The person would be having a doubt about how to unblur course hero. Getting the subscription of course hero is one of the other official methods. If the person gets a subscription to this platform then they would be getting 30 unlocks for every month. The person would be getting access to the textbook solutions and they can even ask 40 questions. 

Through these 30 unlocks, the person would be able to get 30 chances to unblur the documents available on this platform. These unlocks are getting refreshed every month. This would save a lot of time when uploading the document. 

Other Methods to Unblur Course Hero

There are many unblur methods that a person can use to unblur course hero answers. Some of the methods which you can use are as follows:

Unblur Course Hero On a PC Using ‘Inspect Element’

How to unblur course heroes for free is one of the questions which arises in the mind of the users. Inspect element is considered as a hit and trial method if the person is lucky then the document on this platform would get unblurred. The person has to visit the course hero website on a web browser and click on the document which they want to unblur. They have to highlight the part of the document which is blurred and right-click on it. The user has to click on the inspect option from the dialogue box which appears on the screen. 

A code would be displayed on the right side of the screen. The person has to press ‘ctrl+f’ to find the “obscured” or “hide”. This method is to be used when the person is not able to find the div tag. When the person can find the tag, they have to right-click on the tag and then select “edit attribute” from the dialogue box. 

They have to type the “class” element and then they have to press the enter key. Once they have followed the steps above, the person would be able to see the unblurred course hero text. This is considered a bug and the platform would be able to fix this anytime. 


As you know that coin has two sides. Similarly, there are some official methods and some are unofficial methods. These are the common methods that a person can use to unblur course hero content or documents. If the person is using the steps which are written then they would not be able to face any problems.