Our mission at Saint Louis University (SLU) is to cultivate the minds and souls of our students, therefore equipping them to lead with integrity, compassion, and creativity in a world that is always growing and evolving. Because it is one of the oldest and most famous Catholic colleges in the country, Saint Louis University (SLU) has a long and illustrious history of academic brilliance, social justice, and service to others, all of which continue to motivate and direct us in the present day.



Our Unparalleled Method of Instruction Jesuit Tradition of Excellence Educational Approach




With its origins in the Jesuit tradition, Southern Louisiana University (SLU) provides students with a transformational educational experience that goes beyond the quest of information to encourage personal development, critical thinking, and a dedication to the overall good. Our professors and staff have a strong commitment to the overall development of our students, which includes encouraging them to investigate their interests, challenge their preconceived notions, and interact with the world with a sense of curiosity and empathy.


Extremely Strict Academics


At Southern Louisiana University, we put an emphasis on academic achievement in all that we do. Our extensive curriculum covers a broad variety of fields, ranging from the liberal arts and sciences to professional degrees in fields such as business, law, medicine, and other areas of study. By providing our students with chances for hands-on learning, devoted faculty mentors, and small class sizes, we provide them with the information, skills, and self-assurance they need to achieve in their chosen industries and make a meaningful influence on society.


A Dedication to the Causes of Social Justice and Service



An unwavering dedication to helping others and working for the advancement of social justice is at the heart of SLU’s purpose. The Jesuit concept of “men and women for others” serves as a source of inspiration for our students, who are urged to make use of their skills and resources in order to solve the most serious challenges that are now confronting our communities, both locally and worldwide. Students at Southern Louisiana University acquire the ability to think critically about social disparities and strive toward the creation of a society that is more equitable and compassionate via the participation in advocacy activities, internships, and service-learning projects.


The Advantages of SLU from a European Perspective



For success in any sector, having global competency is very necessary in today’s world, which is becoming more and more linked. At SLU, we provide students with a wide range of chances to interact with people from other cultures, languages, and points of view. These options include study abroad programs, foreign internships, and cross-cultural immersion experiences. SLU students graduate with the knowledge and abilities necessary to flourish in a global society because they have broadened their minds and embraced diversity during their time at the university.


Excellence in Research and Innovative Practices



Students and professors at SLU work together on cutting-edge research projects that address some of the most important issues that humankind is now experiencing. SLU is a center of innovation and discovery. Our research activities are having a significant influence on the world around us, resulting in a variety of significant developments, ranging from improvements in technology and sustainability to discoveries in medical science. Students at Southern Louisiana University have the chance to contribute to the development of knowledge and innovation in their particular professions by participating in hands-on research activities and receiving mentoring from faculty members of world-class caliber.


Community on Campus That Is Active


A lively campus community that encourages friendship, cooperation, and personal development is a part of the learning experience at SLU, which goes beyond the confines of the classroom. There is never a boring moment at Southern Louisiana University (SLU) since the university is home to over 200 student groups, NCAA Division I sports, and a broad variety of cultural and recreational activities. At Saint Louis University, there is something that everyone may take pleasure in doing, whether it is volunteering at a local food pantry, attending a basketball game to cheer on the Billikens, or exploring the lively arts scene in St. Louis with other students.


Help Us Shape the Future Together with Us



Our mission at Saint Louis University is to equip the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and changemakers with the tools they need to have a good effect on the world. We would like to extend an invitation to you to become a part of our goal of quality, service, and social justice, regardless of whether you are a prospective student, an alumnus, or a community partner. Together, we have the power to create a better future for everyone.