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AD0-E712 Questions and Answers

Question # 1

A new theme has been installed and deployed but the old one still shows in the frontend. What is the reason for this?

A.All the indexes need to be refreshed.

B.The configuration needs to be updated to select the new theme.

C.The visitor’s browser cache needs to expire.

Question # 2

What two data items are covered by PCI Standards? (Choose two.)

A.Card Type

B.Cardholder Address

C.Cardholder Name

D.Full Card Number

Question # 3

When navigating to the store configuration on a Magento Open Source installation, B2B Features are not seen. What is the reason for this?

A.B2B is an optional feature that can only be installed on Adobe Commerce not on Magento Open Source.

B.The B2B license key needs to be downloaded from Adobe’s website and configured in the Licenses section of store configuration.

C.B2B is powered by Adobe Sensei and needs to configure API Keys in the API Portal section of store configuration.