Are you searching for the warmest beaches in Europe? Then, you should be able to decide the month to explore the warmest beaches in the same destination. Our recommendation is to visit the beach in April, May, and June because of the combination of moderate temperatures and pleasant weather. 

The spring season officially begins in April. While the weather is still mild in many parts of Europe, it is already warm enough in the southern regions to enjoy the beaches. The weather warms up in May, making it the ideal month to visit numerous Mediterranean locations. Once you have chosen the month, you should look at the given beaches that are must see in Europe. 

Here are the warmest beaches in Europe!

Malta’s Gzira 

Malta has lots of activities in the lovely seaside town of Gzira, including fantastic swimming areas, dining options, lodging options, and stunning architecture to explore. Visitors may even take a Game of Thrones tour!

Travelers can also enjoy the fantastic views at Fond G\adir Beach or visit Stone Beach, both of which are close to Gzira, to appreciate the crystal clear blue water. Wintertime averages are 18ºC, with February being the coldest month.

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Agios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece

Crete is an ideal vacation destination all year long, and amazing seaside towns like Agios Nikolaos make for fantastic winter travel experiences. This resort town features stunning beaches like Kitroplatia B, Ammoudi B, Ammos B, and Gardoros B, as well as a lovely lake and lively nightlife.

Los Cristianos, Spain’s TenerSpain’sin, often has the nicest beaches and mild weather in all of Europe. Since the warmest ones are located in the breathtaking Tenerife, the largest of Spain’s Canary Spain, a separate trip will likely be needed to visit them.

With numerous sunny hours and an average winter temperature of around 20.6 ºC, Los Cristianos beach is the nicest and warmest. There are additional beaches in the area with extremely comparable temperatures.

Italy’s SicilItaly’scuse

It’s usually a good idea to visit Italy when visiting Europe. Traveling across this country is becoming easier for visitors now that new high-speed trains are connecting more cities. Going south is always a good idea, of course, especially when it comes to warm destinations.

Luz, Algarve, Portugal

Those who take advantage of Lisbon’s low-Lisbon Ster travel tickets can travel a little further south to the breathtaking Praia da Luz. This charming fishing community has great beaches with clean, blue waves and sand, which are especially lovely in January and December. 

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Malaga, Spain

Malaga, another fantastic wintertime destination in Spain, offers all you need for an ideal getaway. On numerous winter days, the temperature can rise above 20 ºC, despite the fact that the average winter temperature is 16 ºC. 


It is a fantastic place to go on a beach holiday in the spring because of its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and pleasant temperatures. Springtime temperatures often hover around 17 degrees Celsius.