High range water reducing superplasticizer for high strength concrete and concrete containing high proportions of GGBS and silica fume.
Mapefluid N360 is a chloride free superplasticizing admixture based on synthetic polymers to produce high quality durable concrete. It complies with ASTM C494 as Type F & G and EN 934-2 as Table 11, depending on the dosage.

Mapefluid N360 is a chloride-free superplasticising admixture formulated from synthetic polymers. Conforms to ASTM
C494 as Type G and F standard and EN 934-2.
Mapefluid N360 reduces the water/cement ratio with excellent improvements in the fresh and hardened concrete
properties. It is specifically designed to meet all the specifications required in high slag content mixes.
· Ready mix concrete
· Fly ash concrete
· Silica fume concrete
· Slag concrete
· Mass concrete
· Pile mixes
· Raft foundations
· Pouring in hot climates
The optimum dosage of Mapefluid N360 to meet specific job site requirement should be figured out by site trials using
the selected cement, mineral additions and aggregates.
For standard concrete production, the dosage should be 0.5-1.5 l/100 kg of total cementitious materials.
For high performance concrete, the dosage should be 0.5-2.0 l/100 kg of total cementitious materials.