In today’s competitive business landscape, Salesforce development is no longer a luxury but a lifeline. This powerful platform lets you streamline operations, unlock customer insights, and skyrocket your sales. But mastering it solo? That’s like scaling K2 in flip-flops. You need a guide, a skilled Salesforce developer, to act as your expert mapmaker, crafting custom paths and tools to lead you to breathtaking revenue peaks.


Our Salesforce developers make great guides to help you navigate your Salesforce development. They can help you tailor it to your specific needs and teach you to gain the most out of the new workflows. The work is not done by hiring a Salesforce developer; it only begins with it. What happens after that, and how the developer gets integrated into your company to help you achieve your goals, is just as crucial.


The journey starts even before you reach the base camp. Onboarding your remote Salesforce developer effectively is crucial for setting them up for success and ensuring they become an integral part of your ascent. Here’s how to empower your new sherpa to conquer new heights:


Pre-Boarding: Setting the Stage for Smooth Climbing

  • Tech setup: Pre-install and test all necessary hardware and software. Frustration-free access on day one sets the tone for productivity. Ensure they have access to all files and details they need to operate smoothly and independently.
  • Intro meetings: Arrange virtual introductions with key team members and stakeholders before the first day. Break the ice and build familiarity early on.

Day One and Beyond: Building a Strong Foundation

  • Virtual welcome ceremony: Officially welcome your new developer with a team video call. Introduce everyone, share company values and goals, and express your excitement for their arrival.
  • Onboarding checklist: Provide a clear roadmap for completing paperwork, setting up communication channels, and accessing resources. Structure builds confidence and clarity.
  • Dedicated “buddy”: Assign a friendly colleague who is familiar with the scope of Salesforce development based on your needs as a buddy to answer questions, set up stakeholder meetings, and navigate company culture. Every climber needs a reliable ropemate.

Knowledge is Power: Equipping Your Team for Success

  • Comprehensive training: Develop a structured training plan covering Salesforce fundamentals, company-specific processes, and project tools for your company during the development cycle. With each update or iteration, arrange training sessions to ensure smooth and company-wide adoption of the new Salesforce tools.
  • Knowledge base access: Have the Salesforce developer create a well-organized internal knowledge base for your employees that can help them navigate the intricacies of Salesforce.
  • Regular feedback sessions: Schedule one-on-one meetings of your team members with our Salesforce developer so they can provide feedback, address concerns, and work on challenges. Feedback keeps the project on track and optimized.

Bonus Tip:

Leverage project management tools, collaborative platforms, and communication software to streamline workflows, maintain transparency, and foster collaboration, even across physical distances. Technology is your trusty climbing rope.

Investing in a well-structured remote onboarding process will pay dividends in the long run. You’ll retain top talent, boost productivity, and foster a thriving remote team culture. So, welcome your new Salesforce developer with open arms and a strategic plan, and watch them become an invaluable asset on your journey to the ultimate business summit.

Remember, Salesforce development is not a one-time activity. It is often iterative and requires regular maintenance and training. When you hire a Salesforce developer from us, you get a seasoned professional who knows the ins and outs of the tool. We also have years of experience working to build solutions for various companies from a range of industries, which gives us a thorough understanding of them, as well as their roadmap of trends and requirements. Hiring a Salesforce developer from us means you get all that and the rest–integrating them into your company to achieve your goals–this blog post walked you through all the basics.

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