ELD or Electronic Logging Devices are normally used by commercial vehicles like trucks to record the hour of service, location of the vehicle, miles driven, etc. The Trucking ELD builds the bridge between drivers and dispatchers to communicate the vehicle’s movement and other important data. In this article, we will read about the advantages of using ELD in a truck.

Why Should Every Truck Have an ELD?

Commercial vehicles like trucks should use ELD to keep in contact with the dispatchers and establish a smooth workflow. The device contains three parts: a tracking device to know the truck’s whereabouts, a fleeting management software and a mobile app. Each part performs its duty. Listed below are four benefits provided by every top best ELD for trucks.

  • Seamless Fleet Compliance

Communication between truck drivers and fleet managers is very important for ensuring a proper workflow. The ELD tracks the driver’s driving time and the hours of service (HOS). With the help of the tracking component, it can also keep track of the truck’s location. This helps in recording accurate data on the duty status. It also helps in proper communication with the fleet managers to ensure better compliance

  • A Smooth Operation Flow

The data recorded here is digital data, unlike the earlier days. In the initial days, the data were manually recorded via numerous paperwork. However, with the arrival of trucking ELD, the administrative complications have become easier and more efficient. It has also helped the back-office officials to focus on more important tasks. Also, integrating the fleet management software with ELD will aid jobs like IFTA fuel tax reporting.

  • Decrease The Fleet Expense.

ELD can cut your expenses in multiple ways:

  1. ELDs in trucks help with efficient routing, which helps save fuel costs. By saving fuel costs, it will decrease the environmental effect and save dispatch time. This, in turn, will help optimize the routes to get the most out of the truck on roads.
  2. You can also automate vehicle maintenance and save on performing preventive measures to escalate the longevity of the truck service.
  3. A few insurance companies offer additional benefits and cost-saving plans for trucks with ELD.
  • Better and Standard Inspections

ELD ensures a proper and standardized truck inspection, which is impossible if done manually. Usually, drivers need to pay more attention to certain aspects of the inspections, but by ELD, the inspection data recorded are authentic and accurate. This helps in providing safety officials with standardized and accurate information.

Final Thoughts

ELD is an essential device that all trucks must have since it helps improve the working of truck operations. Most of the best ELD for trucks have efficiently contributed to improving truck operations.

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