A root canal treatment, or RCT, is the best treatment for really sick teeth. It’s there to rescue a tooth that’s in big trouble, either because it’s super damaged or has a nasty infection. Don’t let the name scare you, understanding how it works can make it less scary and help you make smart choices for your tooth. 

Steps Involved in Root Canal Treatment

Here are the key steps used in treating the teeth with root canal treatment in Kurnool:

  1. Diagnosis and Examination:

  • Before commencing the root canal treatment, a thorough examination and X-rays are conducted to assess the extent of damage and identify the affected tooth’s anatomy.
  • The dentist will evaluate the pulp chamber, root canals, and surrounding tissues to determine the severity of infection or damage.
  1. Anesthesia and Isolation:

  • To ensure a pain-free experience, local anesthesia is administered to numb the affected tooth and the surrounding area.
  • A rubber dam is then placed around the tooth, isolating it from saliva and other oral fluids. This prevents contamination during the procedure.
  1. Cleaning and Shaping:

  • Specialized instruments are used to meticulously clean the root canals, removing debris, bacteria, and infected tissue.
  • The canals are shaped to prepare for the filling material, ensuring a secure and effective seal to prevent future infection.
  1. Filling and Restoration:

  • After cleaning and shaping, the canals are filled with a biocompatible material called gutta-percha to seal the space and prevent reinfection.
  • A temporary or permanent filling is placed over the access opening to protect the tooth. In some cases, a crown may be recommended for added strength and protection.

Final Verdict

Learning about these basic steps in a root canal treatment can help take away the mystery and give you the knowledge to make smart choices about your teeth. Even though getting a root canal might seem scary, it is important to take the treatment from the reputable dentist in Kurnool and stop the pain from infections or damage.