Pathar tiles, also known as natural stone tiles, can give an experience of a cool and smooth surface that feels like a part of the earth. But are pathar tiles the solution to your flooring dreams, or could they be a street full of renovation difficulties? Let’s dive into the world of pathar tiles and unlock both appealing pros and practical disadvantages, including the current floor tile price in Lucknow. It is important to weigh both the pros and cons of pathar tiles to find the perfect tiles for your dream home without cutting a hole in your pocket.

What is a Pathar Tile?

Natural stones such as marble, limestone, slate, and travertine are typically utilised in crafting pathar tiles, known for their versatility and sturdiness. These stones exude a rustic charm that makes stone tiles a preferred choice for outdoor pavers and interior flooring. With their textured surface, stone tiles provide not only aesthetic attraction but also practicality, especially in areas liable to moisture, along with kitchens, foyers, and pool decks, where slip resistance is essential for safety. The inherent beauty and functionality of the stone tiles make them a sought-after option for enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of numerous spaces.

Pros of Pathar Tiles


Without a doubt, one of the longest-lasting tile options is pathar. Made with hard substances like slate and granite, pathar tiles can bear a lot of foot traffic being very strong and resilient. They may be an investment worth making because, with the proper renovation, they can last for generations.

Unique Aesthetic:

Pathar tiles are available in a huge variety of natural colours, textures, and patterns, with each tile showcasing its unique appeal. Because of the individuality of each tile, your layout will effortlessly boast, giving it a truly one-of-a-kind and nature-inspired aesthetic that is sure to impress.

Add Value to Home:

The unique character of natural stone elevates the space, and high-quality stone can be a selling factor for those looking for a costly feel. Remember, that discovering floor tile prices in Lucknow will help you decide if the investment aligns together with your budget and potential return.


Because of the natural resource materials used in manufacturing these flooring options, pathar tiles turn out to be an environmentally friendly option.

Cons of Pathar Tiles

High Cost:

Pathar tiles are more costly than porcelain or ceramic tiles. You can compare pathar floor tile prices in Lucknow to alternative options by researching their costs and finding the perfect tile for your home.

Slippery when Wet:

The polished, smooth floor of pathar tiles is frequently the cause of their slippery nature. This friction is further reduced when they are wet and your feet come in contact with them making the tiles risky, particularly in moisture-prone areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

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High Maintenance:

The built-in porosity of pathar tiles can make them of high maintenance nature. Because of their vulnerability to spills and stains, they need to be sealed frequently to keep their attractive appearance. Furthermore, certain types are easily scratched and need special cleaning solutions to prevent surface damage. 

Difficult to Install:

Installing pathar tiles can be hard due to their weight and natural variations, and careful tile levelling is necessary to obtain a continuing look.


Pathar tiles can enhance any area with their traditional and unmatched natural beauty. The choice is based totally on your budget, desired level of renovation, and lifestyle. To stay within your budget, do think about enquiring about floor tile prices in Lucknow. Check out manufacturers such as Orientbell Tiles. Their tiles often have a modern twist while emulating the beauty of Pathar tiles, potentially making them a less expensive and low-renovation choice.