Top 10 ways to ace your GRE prep | Insider tips and tricks

GRE or Graduate Record Examination opens up the opportunity for you to pursue your higher studies in universities abroad. However, when you factor in the competitive nature of this exam, it is certainly not as easy as it may seem. Hence, a comprehensive GRE prep is the key to acing it. But how do you ace all the prepping? Therefore, we have put together a list of 10 techniques to assist you get a higher score on this exam. SIEC, together with our affiliate; ACCT provide exam coaching in GRE for students and individuals who wish to live, work, and study in English speaking countries. Training is conducted at SIEC test centers across India.

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GRE: What is it?

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a computer-based, multiple-choice test that is widely accepted for applicants to graduate programs in business, such as the MBA. It is a crucial step for those aspiring to business schools. It is a worldwide recognized standardized test that can be taken at many different universities and institutions for a number of academic areas.

There are two formats for the GRE:

  • Subject Test
  • General Test

GRE Basics

GRE Eligibility Requirements

A candidate for the GRE must have graduated; a student’s GRE results are only considered valid if graduation has been accomplished.

Information about the GRE

The student is permitted to take the GRE once every 21 days and up to five times in the ensuing year. The GRE score is valid for up to 5 years.

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Table of Contents

  1. Top 10 tips to ace GRE prep
  2. Key takeaways
  3. FAQs

Top 10 tips to ace GRE prep

  • Choose the best GRE prep book for all the subjects

To start preparing thoroughly, collect the study resources needed for the GRE subject exams. There are three main sections in GRE – Analytical writing, verbal, and quantitative reasoning. Therefore, in accordance with the syllabus, you should get all the GRE prep books and other study materials to start your preparation.

Additionally, the most popular resource that you will find for acing all three sections is the Kaplan GRE prep book. It is published every year.

  • Join a study group to prepare for the GRE.

For such exams, studying in a group rather than by yourself is always advisable. This is due to the fact that a student may not even be aware of all the doubts. If an aspirant studies in a group, then this issue is easily sorted out. There are many GRE prep clubs in your vicinity. Join one of them, and you will be good to go. Most of the GRE prep clubs are listed online in one GRE forum or another. So, find the one closest to you and enroll yourself.

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  • Try out the best GRE online prep resources

There are many free resources available as PDFs on the internet. Additionally, there are numerous websites targeted to GRE preparation. Apart from these, there are many GRE online prep resources on YouTube. Use them to sharpen your skills and also get some insider tips and tricks to come out in flying colors.

  • Give GRE prep mock tests

Sitting for the GRE prep mock tests helps improve your preparation further. These tests help you become acclimated to the pressure because they mimic the real test context. Following a few exams, you are likely to become more confident and handle the actual exam better.

Furthermore, these dummy GRE test prep exams also help you find out your weaknesses. Try to get feedback from both internal and external sources after every exam so that you can strengthen your areas of weakness and avoid vulnerability on the actual test.

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  • Seek out advanced advice from test takers from prior years.

You can get in touch with people who have taken the test in the past and are familiar with the format as part of your GRE study regimen. They are therefore aware of the mental state and degree of preparation needed for the GRE. Make an effort to learn as much as you can from the test takers from prior years.

  • Develop analytical reasoning by reading non-fiction

The analytical writing test requires a lot of preparation because you should be able to express your thoughts lucidly and clearly. This cannot be done without some prior training. You must use all of your skills to complete this section. Practice reading an unseen piece of content each day and answering questions related to the subject. This will help and strengthen your thesis writing skills which are well supported by the evidence. So, you must include this as a part of your GRE online prep and try to nail this segment with ample practice.

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  • Stick to a structured GRE study plan

This is the basic thing that needs to be followed in every exam. Until and unless you do not follow a strict study, your GRE prep might reel under the pressure. In the study plan, you need to plot a fixed number of study sessions throughout the day. Ensure that these study sessions are spaced out sufficiently. The bottom line of having a study plan is to cover the GRE syllabus at a considerable pace without overwhelming yourself.

  • Track your progress in preparation regularly

Making gradual preparations is a crucial component of your GRE preparation. Prepare in such a manner that what you have studied once is over. You should not need to turn back again. After each step, you should also chart your progress. This allows you to keep track of everything that has been covered and anything that is still unfinished. This will make your prep strategy invulnerable at every point. Now you are almost invincible in the GRE.

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  • Find out your weaknesses and work on it

After you have covered all these steps, now is the point to work on your weaknesses in the GRE prep. Find out what is bothering you and keep on giving the mock tests regularly to find out additional points that are serving as your Achilles heel in GRE prep. Slowly and steadily, work on removing these weaknesses one by one, and you will be good to go.

  • Develop a bit of intuition and logical reasoning

The only thing that now remains in your GRE prep is a bit of gut instinct or intuition. There will be some answers that you might not know in the exam. Don’t panic at the moment, and follow your gut instinct. Which option in the answer has the highest probability of being correct? Or, you could eliminate the wrong answers.

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Key takeaways

  • GRE prep is not a cumbersome task if you study in an organized manner.
  • Collecting the right resources and enrolling on a GRE prep course helps prepare better.
  • The mock tests are a must if you want to improve your preparation further.

If you still have any doubts or need any additional help, reach out to us. Our experts will guide you through any issues that you may have and find the right solution.

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Q. 1: How long does it take to prepare for the GRE?

It takes around 1-3 months to prepare for the GRE. However, this is a tentative time, and the actual will vary depending on how a student is grasping different topics.

Q. 2: Is the GRE difficult?

If you compare it to the SAT and ACT, then the level of GRE is advanced. But the mathematics in GRE is easier than SAT and ACT. The verbal reasoning for the exam is more difficult compared to the other two exams.

Q. 3: What is a good GRE score?

A score between 75% and 90% is considered a good score. Over 90% is an exceptional score.

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