Blockchain technology, numerous games have begun incorporating its support. As a result, BC.Games (Blockchain Games) have become widely popular in the gaming industry. The availability of many impressive blockchain-based games has led entrepreneurs worldwide to opt for launching BC.Game clone scripts, often with the assistance of blockchain developers.

BC.Game Clone Script

BC.Game Clone Script is a completely bug-free and preconfigured online casino gaming program that replicates the key and fundamental aspects of the original crypto casino games. Rather than creating these clone scripts from the start, they can be made using the BC games’ existing source code.

Explore the Trending BC.Games in the Gaming Industry

The gaming industry has a large variety of blockchain-based games; below are a handful of the highest-rated blockchain games.


Axie Infinity

The SandBox


Gods UnChained

Alien Worlds

Original BC.Games Integrated in the Clone Script

This clone script includes several evergreen blockchain games. Each game will provide you with unique sensations. Let’s look at the old games.

Dice Game: In a dice roll game, players must roll one or more dice before the roll is halted and anticipate the outcome. The results of the dice roll determine whether they win or lose.

Coin Flip: Coin Flip is a game of heads or tails coin toss. To win a game, simply click and flip a coin; the player must select between the head and tail. The winning result will be determined by the display side of the coin.

Blackjack Casino: It is a widely played casino card game. To win the game, the player’s score should be near to 21 points. Each card carries a point value. The player with the highest value obtained will be regarded as the winner.

Casino Slot: In this game, players must input the coin at the appropriate location. Three slots will begin to move; if the image of the three slots remains the same after they have stopped, the player wins the game.

How to make BC.Game Clone Script?

Basic methodology for the crafting BC.Game Clone software is given below.

Decide the Type of Game: Choose the kind of game you wish to make or the requirement of the client. It could be a card game, dice game, casino etc. Once the game is decided, the team should start to analyse the game in the market.

Designing and Planning: Following the gathering of requirements, the development team will begin designing and developing a comprehensive plan for the clone script. Decide on the technical architecture, database structure, sketches, and other necessary components.

Pick Suitable Blockchain Network: Select the blockchain platform on which you plan to operate. There are various networks, such as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, that you can utilize for your game.

Feature Integration: Incorporate vital features and functionalities into the clone script, including the establishment of the gaming platform, configuring systems for user authentication and authorization, and integrating third-party APIs as needed.

Customization: To meet requirements of the clients and their branding, clone software can be tailored as per their preference like changing the user interface and adding payment gateway methods etc.

Testing: When the platform is ready, it will be tested. Both manual and automated testing will take performed. If any defects or problems develop, they will be resolved at the time.

Launching the Platform: If the clone script passes the testing step, it will be implemented in a live environment to get feedback from the audience. If any adjustments are required from the audience, they will be implemented as soon as feasible.

Where to Get the BC.Game Clone Script?

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