Is your garage door struggling to open or stuck halfway? Your garage door opener may be the culprit! Opener is one of the most crucial components responsible for the effortless opening and closing of your garage door. However, issues with the opener can impede its operation and cause massive inconvenience. From faulty remote control to track misalignment, there can be several reasons your garage door opener stopped working. In such instances, having experts for professional garage door opener repair in Sacramento is essential to prevent potential risks.

Read our blog to explore the common causes of garage door opener malfunctions and the steps you can take to troubleshoot the issues. Let’s commence!

Reasons for Garage Door Opener Malfunctions

  • Malfunctioning Remote Control

Automatic garage doors can be controlled using a wall-mounted panel or a remote control. If the door won’t open, the remote control may be broken. If your garage door opener stopped working with a remote, try resolving the problem on your end. Troubleshooting involves getting in range, fixing the antenna, replacing the battery, reprogramming the remote, or checking the wiring. If the issue persists, consider contacting professionals.

  • Misaligned Tracks

The automatic garage door opener operates on metal tracks that maintain the door’s alignment for efficient operation. Misaligned tracks can cause the door to fall off or make unusual noises. To address the issue, try adjusting the track. However, in such instances, it is wise to contact professionals for garage door repair in Sacramento, CA.

  • Broken Springs

Broken garage door springs can cause the door to open due to several reasons, including general wear and tear, improper maintenance, or rust. These springs store mechanical energy and offset the door’s weight. Springs can break if you notice that the motor is running, but the door is not functioning, shuts suddenly, sounds loud, feels heavy, or makes straining noises. To prevent potential damage and risks associated when dealing with springs, call professionals to fix a broken garage door spring in Sacramento.

  • Blocked or Misaligned Sensors

The photo eye serves as a safety sensor on garage doors that detects obstructions. If you suspect that the photo eye is out of alignment, clean it, inspect its alignment, remove larger obstructions, check the wiring, and check the LED light on each side. In case the photo eye is damaged, replace the sensor. If the sensor is still malfunctioning, consider consulting with experts.

  • Power issues

Power interruption can be a common reason behind a garage door opener not working. When your garage door opener stops functioning, ensure it’s properly plugged in and receiving power. If circuit breakers trip, reset them and test the opener again. If hardwired, check for damage or loose connections in the wiring.


A malfunctioning garage door opener is not just an inconvenience but also a safety concern. Whether it’s a minor power glitch, broken spring, misaligned track, or a sensor malfunction, identifying the cause and promptly addressing it is crucial. Seeking professional assistance from trusted garage door repair services is crucial for diagnosing and resolving problems safely and efficiently. So, don’t let a faulty garage door opener compromise your convenience and security – take proactive steps now to ensure optimal working.