Car accident victims in New Jersey can file a claim with their insurer, no matter who caused the accident. But if a car accident has resulted in serious injuries, victims can file a claim against the other party involved. It’s important to know the kinds of monetary compensation available in this claim. This way, victims can get a reasonable financial recovery from an insurer following a car accident. If you have been hurt in a car accident, a car accident lawyer in New Jersey can help you understand your legal options and fight for your rights. Also, they can ensure you get the full compensation you deserve for your damages including the following:

Necessary Medical Treatment

All motorists in the states should buy at least $15, 000 personal injury protection (PIP) insurance, which pays for their other losses, including medical bills caused by a crash. If you have been involved in a car accident and sustained injuries, you can turn to your PIP insurance for payment of your necessary medical treatment including medications, surgeries, therapies, and medical tests. Your PIP insurance coverage depends on the specific policy you choose.  

Lost Income

The kind of policy you buy will also determine the amount you get in lost wages replacement. A Standard policy will reimburse for lost income associated with your car accident injuries. Also, you may get reimbursement for other economic damages like transportation costs and rental car costs. But you cannot recover reimbursement of lost income with a Basic policy. A Standard policy allows you to get payment for replacement services costs or household services you cannot perform because of your injuries. 

Taking Legal Action Beyond the State’s No-Fault System

A New Jersey motorist can buy Unlimited Right to Sue car insurance. With this policy, you can get compensation for different damages including pain and suffering. Your injuries must meet the threshold of the state or you opt for the Unlimited Right to Sue insurance to bring a claim against the insurance of the at-fault driver. 

In this case, the liability insurance of the other driver can pay for different losses like medical bills, bodily injuries, out-of-pocket costs, and property damage. Also, you can get payment for a totaled care replacement or repair. In addition, a third-party insurance claim can pay damages for pain and suffering. Such kind of award could be substantial depending on the seriousness of your injuries and cannot be obtained through a PIP claim.