Facing a DUI charge for the first time in a person’s life makes him/her feel in despair. If you have never endured arrest, booking, hearings, and the Pittsburg judicial system before, you must be very confused. You probably are also in a question of “what will be the consequences”.

In Pittsburg, the first-time DUI offence, you might face the jail term up to 6 months, a fine of $5,000 and you may also lose your license for a year.

Statistical Information About First Time DUI Charges

A DUI conviction in Pittsburg, PA is being fine-tuned based on your blood alcohol content level (BAC). A DUI could change your life significantly by taking way your freedoms, put you in prison and take away your ability to go to school or work. In addition, the criminal record on your record makes it hard to get a job, insurance and house in future. The DUI court process is long and may become difficult. For you to be ready to fight for the best possible outcome, you should know what to expect and also protect your rights and freedoms.

Being Charged with A DUI is NOT the Same as a Conviction

Clients will regularly inquire if there is any way that they can still prevail. They believe that the police already have their evidence because they have been arrested, which means the closure. Nevertheless, we have not arrived at the end – in this category of cases there are cases of innocence, police did not uphold standards, or the alternatives of pleading are considered.
Before the final verdict is given out, you still have the freedom to exercise your defense rights. And conviction could warrant a 30-day appeal. But you have to be informed of all options. DUI cases are decided in various courts almost daily, you maybe get reduced or even dismissed charges, especially if you have a strong case.

This is the case for a first-time DUI, a second DUI, and even a third or a subsequent “suspension” DUI. It is also true if you were charged with Driving Under the Influence Drugs or refused to provide a breath test or blood test sample at the time of the arrest. There are other alternatives as well to jail like the Pennsylvania Program known as ARD that guarantees holding your charges off your record and limits the default penalties.

If you are a First timer charged with a DUI in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, call or drop us a line at Law Office of Derek R. Ewin. We are a team of Pittsburgh DUI lawyers with years of legal experience to provide you the right guidance. Get a free consultation.

The First-Time DUI Conviction Punishment and Penalties in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

If you are convicted of a First Offense DUI in Pittsburg, PA, you will be facing substantial penalties which could include:

  • Time in Prison, UPTO 6 MONTHS
  • Driver’s license suspension, GO TO 12 MONTHS
  • Mandatory Ignition Interlock
  • With fines, UP TO $5000
  • Levies and court fees
  • Court Reporting Network (CRN) Analyses on Your Drug and Alcohol Consumption
  • DRUG & ALCOHOL ACCESS, COMPLIANCE with recommendations, and TREATMENT
  • SIGNIFICANTLY HIGHER insurance premiums are likely to be a result of this

What Competence Does a DUI Lawyer Have?

A seasoned DUI Lawyer in Pittsburgh, has strongest point to examine and pull out the weakest aspects of a police officer’s report so as to basically undermine the police officer’s testimony and that of any expert who is concerned with breath or blood testing. We use our own experts at The Law Office of Derek R. Ewin to explain why the breath of blood test readings were not accurate and we use that case law to get the full dismissal in your case, once reasonable suspicion was lacking or probable cause at the time of your stop.