Are you facing problems in transferring data from one computer to another and short on time? Well here is your solution, the QuickBooks Migration tool. This tool is developed by Intuit considering the importance of safely transferring data to a new computer. As transferring data might be risky and is too much time taking this tool makes all this work too easy. It ensures the safe and secure transfer of data without risking any data loss. Using a migration tool, you can transfer or move data from device to device whenever needed. The best thing is that you can also access this tool via your browser. To provide more about this tool we have curated this blog post for you. To learn more, you can also contact our customer support team at our helpline at +1-844-499-6700.

What are the steps to Set up the QuickBooks Migration Tool?

Below we have mentioned the steps to set up migration tool in your system.

First of all, log in to your QuickBooks with an admin ID and password.

Then you have to allow access so you can copy the data into the system easily.

Once you have done that now move forward to the migration tool and click on it.

Here the migration tool will ask for a password and enter the admin password in it.

Once you got access to it click on the Start button or Run tab.

The migration tool will start the transfer process.

When the tool starts the process the flash drive connected to the computer will start copying the data.

Note: Once the transfer of data is completed the migration tool never erases any data or never formats any data. The data will remain as same as it was in the past. In case you want to erase it, you can delete it or can also format it.

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In the above-mentioned content, we have described the whole process of setting up the QuickBooks Migration Tool. Also, we have provided the information that on what purpose you can use the migration tool. It is a very time-efficient tool if used and the most secure tool to transfer data, However, if you need more information you can ask for assistance by calling our helpline number. our technical support team will get connected to you in just 10-15 seconds and will assist you. Just simply dial our number i.e. +1-844-499-6700.