Like most Kelowna drivers, you probably spend many hours in your own car. So, it is understandable that you want to clean and maintain your car. Unfortunately, you might overlook the interior of the car when doing maintenance. And when that happens, you will have less enjoyable driving experience. This is why car detailing at D1 Detailing comes in handy.

What is Car Detailing?

Unlike car wash that hardly removes dirt on the surface, car detailing involves an extensive cleaning process that helps to give the vehicle the attention it deserves. This care and cleaning process sanitizes a vehicle’s interior and restores its beauty.

Professional Detailing Services

Car detailing from experts involves various processes that help to maintain the appearance and condition of cars. It often includes both exterior and interior detailing service.

  • Exterior detailing: This include extensive cleaning so as to get rid of debris and dirt. Professionals often accompanies it with paint correction methods, like waxing and polishing to keep paintwork safe from contaminants.
  • Interior detailing: This service includes cleaning/dressing the dashboard, conditioning/cleaning leather surfaces, and shampooing/vacuuming upholstery as well as carpets. Detailers use various products and specialized tools during the process, including quality polishes, waxes, brushes, steam cleaners, cleaning agents, and buffers.

How Regularly Should a Car Get Detailed?

Personally, we recommend you thoroughly clean your car every month and ask a detailer to offer you detailing services twice a year, of course with some DIY applications in between. Professional detailers are always thorough but as a car owner, you can still do a lot by yourself while at home.

3 Car Detailing Benefits

Car detailing, as one of the best ways to maintain a vehicle, comes with many benefits. Some of these benefits include the following:

1. Protect the Paintwork

Throughout a car’s lifetime, it will get exposed to different things. Whether it is sending it for a very cheap car wash, driving in dirty roads, or exposing it to direct sunlight, your car will go through a lot. This way, defects will surely affect its aesthetics, leaving it with a scratched and rough finish. But with car detailing, you can protect the paintwork of your vehicle.

2. Prevent Bad Smell

A few things can cause bad smell in your location. For instance, you can transfer lotion on your skin to the interior of your vehicle. Dust, too, can result in bad smell. Fortunately, you can prevent bad odors by wiping down the interior of your car and vacuuming it regularly. And by also taking it to a detailer, your car can smell better and avoid bad odors.

3. Prolong the Car’s Lifespan

Detailing process helps to get rid of all the contaminants that can easily damage the paint, chrome, vinyl, and leather of your vehicle. Giving these parts extra attention before they wear down can help to maintain the value of your car.

Taking your car to a Kelowna detailer regularly is the best way to maintain it. Doing so will not just help you protect your vehicle against environment damage. It will also improve your overall driving experience, increase resale its value, prolong your car’s lifespan, and detect potential issues before they result into major problems.