Dram shop cases are frequent in cities like Philadelphia. It is one of the most populated cities, and people love nightlife. Accidents happen due to intoxication, and there have to be attorneys present to give legal consultation and make sure that the liability is determined and the innocent party gets proper compensation. 

What Is A Dram Shop Attorney? 

A dram shop attorney can be defined as a person who deals with issues happening in bars, restaurants, and liquor stores. Now, the issues can be defined as the actions taken by individuals after getting intoxicated from drinking at any of these establishments and causing damage to innocent people. The Dram Shop attorney steps in here to determine the liability and defend their clients in these situations. 

What Characteristics Should I Look For In A Dram Shop Attorney? 

  • Look For Experience

The first and foremost thing to look for in an attorney is their experience in handling cases. Make sure that the Dram Shop attorney you choose has dealt with these types of cases before. Having familiarity with the laws regarding these cases is very important. Your one wrong statement or argument under the record can entirely change the flow of your case, and if the opposition knows how to play games on the statements, you might end up losing the case, too. 

  • Look For Their Track Record

If you see that an attorney has a track record of 100 cases related to Dram Shop and you blindly choose him for that, you might get into deep trouble. What if he has only won 20 out of those 100 cases? This is why the investigation of the winning cases is more important. Even if the attorney has a track record of winning 30 cases out of 35 cases, you can have a good chance of winning there. The successful outcomes they have achieved for their past clients should be the area you focus on. 

  • Look For Good Reputation And Expertise

Getting a winning attorney is of no use if they do not possess any good reputation amongst their community or their past clients. You can contact people through their online reviews or look for testimonials and reviews given by past clients both online and offline. Make sure that they have a good knowledge of the local laws pertaining to the area and dram shop liability because all the legal strategies that can be built for your case depend upon how deep their understanding is on the topic. Make sure to consult a dram shop attorney if you are a victim in this situation.