As per WhatsApp statistics, more than 40 million people view a product catalog on WhatsApp Business app every month. This is a remarkable statistic for businesses to consider creating WhatsApp eCommerce store, isn’t it? 

In this highly competitive era, it has become crucial for businesses to embrace the power of WhatsApp Commerce. Hence, businesses should create an efficient WhatsApp store. It helps with more customer engagement, boost conversions, fuel revenue, and thereby drives your business towards success. 

Don’t know how and where to get started for creating WhatsApp store? We are here to guide you from scratch! 

In this blog, we will underline several key points related to WhatsApp eCommerce store. It includes what is WhatsApp store, why to create WhatsApp store, how to create the perfect WhatsApp store, best practices for creating WhatsApp catalog and more. 

What is WhatsApp store? 

WhatsApp store is an online shopping platform which allows instant two-way communication for buying and selling. Businesses can effectively engage with their customers to sell products through WhatsApp. 

Moreover, advancements in technology have made it possible for brands to provide a top-notch shopping experience on WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp store allows you to send captivating product catalogues to your valuable customers. They can gaze and browse the products of their choice and then instantly communicate with you for the purchase right in the chat. 

By using WhatsApp store, businesses can offer highly personalized customer experience which is crucial for the success of eCommerce brands. It helps build a strong customer relationship and enhances brand loyalty. 

Thus, WhatsApp store is one of the most convenient options for online shopping. 

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Why create WhatsApp eCommerce store? 


In the fast-evolving landscape of digital communication, brands should reach a wider audience to grow their online business. Being the most popular, WhatsApp is one of the effective platforms to achieve the same. 

WhatsApp eCommerce helps overcome the major challenges faced by eCommerce owners including customer retention, cart abandonment rate, and decreased re-orders. 

Also, WhatsApp eCommerce is the best example of conversational commerce which is an innovative way for online retailers to grow their business. Conversational commerce ensures that communication with customers is quick, helpful, and relevant which results in faster conversion through the sales funnel. 

Thus, by knowing the potential of WhatsApp eCommerce, businesses can choose creating WhatsApp store to grow their business online. 

➤ Points suggesting the significance of WhatsApp store: 

  • Build strong customer relationship: When businesses use instant chat/messenger, users feel more connected with the brand. By using new WhatsApp features such as Chatbot or automated replies, customers can get quick response to their queries 

eCommerce businesses can share product catalogues with their customers according to their preferences. An absolute product catalogue consists of impressive product images, price tags, detailed product descriptions and other useful information. 

Customers can browse the products and ask for further information quickly via WhatsApp which helps them to add products into cart easily. To answer common customer queries, you can use WhatsApp chatbots which replies to the general customer questions seamlessly. 

Thus, WhatsApp offers more enjoyable shopping experience to the users and helps build a strong customer relationship. 

  • A friendly chat with customers for better experience: As you relate to your users for a one-one communication, you can have a friendly chat with them regarding your products or services. You can also guide them in finding out what they are looking for on your WhatsApp store. 

If users have shown interest in some of your products, and they want to explore a few more related products then you can provide them with other products of interest to them. 

  • Shopping made quick and easy: Customers can buy things easily without leaving the WhatsApp chat. WhatsApp commerce offers a simple and fast way to get the desired product without any complicated steps. 

WhatsApp is the preferred shopping platform for many users, and it is growing day by day. Being the most engaging messaging platform, WhatsApp could be the superpower for your eCommerce business too! 

  • Easy upselling and cross-selling: WhatsApp shop provides the best opportunity to upsell or cross-sell your products. If customers have had a positive experience of shopping with your brand, they will again return to your brand. 

With a cross-selling practice, you can make your existing customer a potential target so that he purchases another product or service from you. 

Using the chat feature, you can proactively connect with your customers about deals, discounts, and personalized recommendations that you may have, creating a highly efficient distribution channel. 

  • Safest platform with enhanced security: With its end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication features, WhatsApp gives your customers assurance in your legitimacy. Businesses can also stay away from handling multiple rules and compliance laws while employing WhatsApp business. 

WhatsApp is one of the safest platforms to share texts, images, videos, or audios as it provides end-to-end encryption. Businesses can carefully manage customer data, transactions, and information with the privacy and security that WhatsApp delivers. 

➤ If you are still not convinced, here are a few more WhatsApp stats: 

  • 100 billion messages on WhatsApp are shared daily. 
  • A staggering 2.2 billion users across 180 countries are using WhatsApp. 
  • The average time spent on WhatsApp counts to 18.6 hours per month. 
  • A total of 50 million businesses uses the WhatsApp Business application, with 15 million of these being Indian businesses. 
  • Around 175 million people per day reach out to various brands through messages. 

So, you can leverage this digital medium to improve your customer retention and overall digital experiences. WhatsApp for Business is the perfect way to gain success. It is also widely used by most eCommerce brands already. If you are not one of them, then reach out to WebMaxy now! 

WebMaxy is the popular WhatsApp commerce solution provider delivering solutions to more than 100 brands. 

Now, let’s begin with our main topic and get to know how to create WhatsApp store. 

Steps to create eCommerce store on WhatsApp: 

Businesses must have an efficient WhatsApp eCommerce store to outshine the competition. There are mainly two options to create an effective WhatsApp shop. One is the simple and free version known as WhatsApp Business app and another is WhatsApp Business API. 

You can use any of them depending on the type of business and its requirements. Ecommerce brands get highly benefited when they integrate WhatsApp Business API to create WhatsApp shop. Let’s explore the details of both. 

➤ Configure WhatsApp Business account to create WhatsApp shop: 

  • First, download and install the WhatsApp Business app from the App Store (for iOS) or the Google Play Store (for Android). 
  • Register your business phone number, which should not be your personal number and then verify it through OTP. 
  • Then, go to the settings and customize your profile with appropriate information such as business name, business logo, address, and an attractive description. 
  • Now, from business tools choose the catalog option and go on adding your products or services (details covered below for the same). Now, you are ready to sell via WhatsApp eCommerce store. 

Limitations of WhatsApp Business app: 

  • This is the most suitable for small businesses as they have few users. 
  • You can send very few messages. 
  • Though it’s free to use, you can’t track analytics and performance 
  • It has a WhatsApp broadcast limit of 256 users. 
  • Chat automation for customer support is also not applicable. 

Well, to overcome these limitations and to achieve seamless operations, you can go for WhatsApp Business API to maximize conversions via WhatsApp Business. 

Create WhatsApp shop with WhatsApp Business API: 

WhatsApp Business API offers extra features, WhatsApp marketing tools, and limitless messaging capabilities, which makes it most suitable for medium and large size businesses. 

Though it’s perfect for mass marketing, it’s not free, and WhatsApp charges you per conversation. 

➤ Key features of WhatsApp Business API for your eCommerce brand: 


  • Automation of FAQs, alerts, and notifications: Businesses can create automated replies for several customer queries and FAQs. You can also set notifications for order/COD confirmation, payment confirmation, delivery updates, abandoned cart reminders, discount offers, subscription reminders, etc. 
  • WhatsApp chat button on eCommerce website: This feature helps customers to resolve their doubts when they are just about to place an order. After clicking on the chat button (on the website) for their query, an automated 

Chabot will answer if there are general FAQs or transfer the chat to an agent if required. As the customer is happy with this quick response, there are great chances of a successful conversion. 

  • Cart recovery: When visitors add products to their cart but never check out, you can send them a cart abandoned reminder via WhatsApp cart recovery button. Offer them some discounts or entice them as if they are missing a very good deal. 

This will make them buy your product, recover lost sales, and turn visitors into customers. You can try WhatsApp commerce platforms such as WebMaxy that help you run successful WhatsApp campaigns. 

  • WhatsApp chatbots for 24/7 customer service: When AI chatbot is one of the most far-reaching technological advancements, eCommerce businesses must use WhatsApp chatbots to provide 24/7 customer service. Customers prefer to communicate via chat over the call support, so provide your customers with efficient customer service via Chatbots anytime they need. 
  • Omni-channel support: You can reply to customer queries via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or Gmail from a single platform. This lessens your first response time and improves your customer journey. This is very helpful to perk up your customer satisfaction score (CSAT). 
  • Order updates via WhatsApp: You can get regular WhatsApp updates about your order as well as delivery status. It enhances CSAT score, increases the chances of repeat purchases, and engages referrals. 

Thus, WhatsApp Business API is very useful when it comes to bulk WhatsApp marketing campaigns involving unlimited number of people. Also, it allows to operate WhatsApp on multiple devices using the same number along with complete automation. 

Well, the assistance of an official WhatsApp Business API provider is must to integrate your eCommerce store with WhatsApp. 

➤ Setting up your eCommerce catalog on WhatsApp: 

As mentioned above, we will now check out the details of setting up your eCommerce catalog on WhatsApp. The following steps will also guide you to learn about how you can bring your Shopify store to WhatsApp. 

  • First, open your WhatsApp Business app and then select ‘More’ option from the menu (upper right corner). 
  • Now, go to Settings > Business Tools > Catalog. 
  • By clicking on ‘Add new item’, you can create new catalog. 
  • From there, you can add images by clicking on ‘+’ sign. 
  • Select images from the gallery or you can take photos by clicking on camera. 
  • Now, you need to add name, pricing, and other information like product description, product/service code, and website link. 
  • Lastly, click on ‘save’. 

Once you create a catalog, the next important thing is showcasing this catalog to your customers. For eCommerce stores, having an impressive and detailed catalog is essential for business growth. 

How can you show WhatsApp catalog to the customers? 

  • When a customer clicks on your WhatsApp Business profile, they can see a window with your company information. 
  • It shows a brief overview of your business, business hours (opening times), address, and other information. 
  • Below this business information your product catalog appears. After clicking on this business catalog, customers are directed to new window where they can see product details such as product names, product images, descriptions, pricing etc. 
  • Now, customers can explore your products, send inquiries right in the chat and then add to their cart for buying. They can also share these products/services with their friends and on other social media platforms. 

➤ Best practices to create WhatsApp catalog for your eCommerce store: 

WhatsApp catalogue is the key touchpoint for selling your products/services online. It allows customers to see the range of products right in WhatsApp and they don’t have to visit the website for the same. This keeps customers engaged with your brand and enhances business growth. Below are the best practices used to set up WhatsApp catalog: 

  • Review WhatsApp’s commerce policy: When you add any product to WhatsApp catalog, it must go through the WhatsApp commerce policy verification. WhatsApp verifies whether your product, service or image complies with the WhatsApp Commerce policy. So, you must review these policies before you create a catalog. 
  • Attractive and high-quality images: Product images are the first thing that your customers see when they open your WhatsApp Business profile. So, it is very important to showcase attractive and high-quality images that represent your product very well. 
  • Catchy product/service description: After images, description is the vital element that grabs your customer attention. Try to highlight the key points in your description rather than giving very lengthy information. 
  • Use a product/service code: A product/service code helps you keep track of your WhatsApp catalog products. You can learn more about the popularity and sale of your products by using a product or service code. 

So, help your customers find and browse products seamlessly while they are using their favorite messaging app. The perfect WhatsApp catalog is the key to an ultimate customer experience in your WhatsApp shop. 

To Summarize: 

WhatsApp eCommerce store is the best way to provide your customers with an impeccable shopping experience. Looking at the ever-rising numbers of WhatsApp users, it’s a great time for businesses to grow with it! 

WhatsApp is the best medium that offers convenience and comfort to the shoppers along with easy communication. Hence, WhatsApp store is very promising for your e-commerce business. Accomplish the competitive edge to reach more shoppers and turn them into your online buyers with WhatsApp shop. 

Go for a reliable WhatsApp commerce solution provider to create an efficient WhatsApp shop and optimize it for maximum conversions. WebMaxy could be your perfect partner on this journey! 

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What is e-commerce WhatsApp? 

E-commerce WhatsApp or WhatsApp Commerce is a type of conversational commerce which provides brands with a means of connecting with users and selling their products and services directly to them. It allows companies to engage in two-way communication between themselves and their customers to perform the same.
To put it simply, e-commerce WhatsApp is buying and selling products/services on WhatsApp, a highly engaging social platform in today’s world. 


How do I create an ecommerce store on WhatsApp? 

You can create ecommerce store on WhatsApp in two ways namely WhatsApp Business App and WhatsApp Business API. By using WhatsApp Business App, you can share your products with a limited number of users. Whereas if you use WhatsApp Business API, you can avail many features to achieve maximum conversions via WhatsApp. 

How can I make WhatsApp online store? 

To make WhatsApp online store, you can follow these steps;
Step 1: Download the WhatsApp business app.
Step 2: Create a WhatsApp business profile.
Step 3: Set the open time and create a welcome message.
Step 4: Integrate your WhatsApp business profile with WebMaxy.
Step 5: Start Selling and manage incoming chats. 


How do I create a WhatsApp business shop? 

You can create your WhatsApp Business shop on WhatsApp Business App. To overcome several limitations on WhatsApp Business App, you should create WhatsApp shop by using WhatsApp Business API.