Brands from all sizes can gain from embracing WhatsApp for marketing as it’s currently among the most popular messaging apps. The green checkmark by your WhatsApp display name is a representation of your brand’s legitimacy and trustworthiness. 

This post will explain how to get a green tick on WhatsApp next to your WhatsApp display name and what benefits it might offer your company in WhatsApp Commerce 

Let’s first examine what a WhatsApp green tick certification is and determine if you require one. 

What is a Green Tick on WhatsApp? 


On WhatsApp, legitimate brand accounts can be easily identified by their green tick badge. It means the account is authenticated through WhatsApp and is associated with the business it represents. 

Users can be sure they’re speaking with a legitimate company and not a phoney one when they see this badge. This function helps to establish the brand’s credibility and trustworthiness while also enhancing the validity of your account.  

In order to protect its users from spam and fraudulent accounts, WhatsApp takes the validation and authentication of business accounts very seriously. 

Let’s look at how to begin the verification procedure now that you are aware of the WhatsApp green tick badge. 

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Advantages of verifying your WhatsApp business account and obtaining a green badge 


In your official WhatsApp Business profile, the WhatsApp green tick, also known as the WhatsApp Business green badge, appears next to your business name. Following are some advantages of getting the green tick for WhatsApp Business verification: 


Avoid having your WhatsApp Business account banned. 

It’s possible for some individuals to report or ban your WhatsApp Business account when you broadcast communications to your clients over WhatsApp. The green checkmark for WhatsApp Business indicates that users won’t report your account as spam going forward. The reason for this is that WhatsApp has formally confirmed the legitimacy of your brand and your business.  

Users are also less likely to ban your WhatsApp Business account because they recognize that the messages are coming from a reputable company when they see the green checkmark next to your company name. 

Boost the credibility and dependability of your WhatsApp business account. 

Brand identities maintain your clients’ loyalty. The green checkmark for WhatsApp Business verification signifies your brand’s authority. This green tick on WhatsApp gives your brand a unique status and a great reputation, as not all businesses can obtain it. 

Boost the performance of your WhatsApp broadcasting efforts. 

Put yourself in the position of the customer: you have just seen two WhatsApp broadcast messages, one from a company that has a green checkmark for WhatsApp Business and one from an unknown number. Which message do you think you’ll open first? 

Given the previous situation, if you have the WhatsApp Business green tick, your broadcasting campaigns will produce superior results, such as higher open and read rates. The conversion rate is certain to increase as WhatsApp’s green check mark improves branding and exposure.  

Consumers don’t even need to save your phone number to view your company name. 

Your brand name will appear as opposed to an unknown number to potential and current clients once you receive the WhatsApp Business verification green tick. Customers will find it easier as a result of not having to store the phone number of each company in order to send a WhatsApp message, which will make buying with your brand more convenient and enhance the overall customer experience. 

Steps to secure a green tick verification for your WhatsApp business account 

To obtain a green badge in WhatsApp Business, it’s crucial to adhere to the following instructions: 

Guidelines to be followed for the green tick WhatsApp Business verification  

  • Access to the WhatsApp API through a recognized WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP), like WebMaxy. 
  • The display name matches the business/company name, and the verified business manager has two-factor authentication set up. 
  • Excellent rating for your business WhatsApp account. 
  • Meets WhatsApp’s commerce policy and doesn’t break any of its rules. 
  • Have a well-known and trustworthy brand. 
  1. Has a link to a Facebook profile with 10,000 organic followers.
  2. Maintains an excellent business website.
  3. Holds enough media exposure, as determined by WhatsApp.

Detailed instructions for requesting the green tick for WhatsApp Business verification 

  • Navigate to Account > WhatsApp Accounts > WhatsApp Manager under Facebook Business Manager. 
  • Go to Phone numbers > Settings to see the Profile area. 

(If your account has multiple WABA numbers, please click Settings after selecting the one you wish to apply for with a green checkmark.) 

  • After selecting the “Submit Request” button, enter the necessary data. 

It will take five to seven business days for the evaluation to be completed. Throughout this period, you can keep using your WhatsApp Business account normally. You can continue to use your WhatsApp Business account normally even if your request for a green tick is rejected. 

However, your WhatsApp Business account will instantly display the green tick after the application is approved. 

Tips for gaining approval to your green tick verification 

Here are some pointers on how to validate your WhatsApp Business account with a green tick in addition to the above stated requirements: 

  • Use a business email address rather than a webmail account like Outlook or Gmail. 
  • Ads on paid media won’t be taken into consideration. 
  • To improve your chances of receiving the WhatsApp Business green tick, publish three to five PR articles. 
  • When applying for the WhatsApp Business green badge, you can attach up to five supporting links. Selecting articles or social media links that highlight the authority and credibility of your company is important. 

How to proceed if the verification of your green tick is denied 

Your WhatsApp Business account is not qualified for the green badge if your request for the verification of green tick has been rejected. Regretfully, there is no right to appeal; the decision is final. 

In the mean time, you can focus on growing the number of organic Facebook Page likes, enhancing your company website, and extending your brand visibility across news and media throughout the 30-day period that elapses before you can reapply. 

You can then give it another go in the hopes that this time, maybe, you’ll succeed!  

Note: However, with the growing online presence this time around, there is a high probability that the application will be approved. 

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WebMaxy provides free application support to its clients, in contrast to several WhatsApp BSPs that charge up to $50 for obtaining the WhatsApp verified tick verification. 

You can expect free onboarding help, which includes application for the green tick WhatsApp Business verification, when you enroll in one of our yearly programs. We have a 100% success rate in verifying our client business profiles for the green tick. Our committed staff will walk you through the application process and provide recommendations based on your business needs. 

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What is WhatsApp green tick verification? 

The WhatsApp green tick is a verification badge that appears next to a business name in WhatsApp to indicate that it is an official account that has gone through additional verification. The green tick is a tool that helps users find the real accounts of brands and businesses using WhatsApp. It also gives the business a stamp of approval in terms of authenticity and reputation, which makes it easier for customers to engage and convert. 


How long does it take to get verified on WhatsApp? 

WhatsApp typically takes one to two business days to process verification requests, but it may take up to a week in some cases. If additional or modified materials are required, it may take longer. 


Is there a fee for WhatsApp green tick verification? 

No, there is no fee to apply for the green tick badge on your WhatsApp profile. Nevertheless, in order to receive the green tick, you have to fulfil a few standards, such as being active on the platform, being notable and authentic. 


How much does the green tick on WhatsApp cost? 

WhatsApp does not charge a fee to apply for the Green Tick badge on your profile. However, some businesses may charge a fee to apply to WhatsApp on your behalf. For example, WebMaxy offers its customers free guidance. 


How much does the green tick on WhatsApp cost? 

Free of cost. 


Why should I apply for green tick with WebMaxy WhatsApp commerce? 

WebMaxy offers Free Approval of The Green Tick on your WhatsApp Business Profile. It is a verification badge that indicates a business is authentic and legitimate. It can help you establish trust between your customers and make your business stand out from competitors. It also helps users distinguish between official business accounts and potential impersonators.

WebMaxy is the leading WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) that specilises in services and products which help clients oversee customer interaction with their business. This eventually results in revenue growth and overall customer satisfaction. 

What are the non-eligibility criteria for a green tick on WhatsApp? 

According to WebMaxy, businesses that deal with the following products or services are not eligible for WhatsApp Green Tick Verification:
– Drugs
– Tobacco products
– Gambling businesses
– Alcohol brands
– Weapons and ammunition businesses
– Live animals
– Adult products or services
– Medical and healthcare products
– Dating services
– Cryptocurrencies
– Multi-level marketing and get-rich-quick schemes
– Misleading or fraudulent products or services