WhatsApp marketing, including WhatsApp Advertising campaign, can help you drive customer engagement and boost 150X ROI for your business. No matter if you have an ecommerce business or an education business, WhatsApp can help you reach your audience personally and boost sales & revenue. 

According to the statistics, WhatsApp has over 2.44 billion users worldwide. By doing WhatsApp marketing, including WhatsApp Advertising campaign, you can stay in touch with your customers. As per a report, WhatsApp text messages have a 98% open rate. Here in this blog, we will understand about WhatsApp marketing, WhatsApp marketing campaign, and how it’s beneficial for business. 

What is WhatsApp marketing?  

WhatsApp marketing is the process of promoting your products or services on WhatsApp to create awareness and engage with customers to drive sales & revenue. You can send different types of messages to customers based on their customer journey stage.  

With WhatsApp for business marketing, you can provide instant customer support and enhance customer experience. People use WhatsApp to communicate with their friends and family regularly. By being available on WhatsApp, you can make people feel you are just a few seconds away if they’ve any queries.  

Benefits of using WhatsApp marketing  

WhatsApp business marketing can help you improve your marketing strategy. Now, we will discuss the benefits of using WhatsApp for marketing.  

  1. Improved relationships with customers 


As per the statistics, 55% of people feel more connected to brands that use WhatsApp marketing. With WhatsApp marketing, you can build strong and lasting customer relationships. Acquiring new customers is more difficult than retaining the existing ones. 

You can do personalization with WhatsApp marketing and enhance customer experience. Send messages to customers based on their buying journey stage and recent activity. According to a study, 70% of customers say they engage only with personalized messages.  

  1. High conversion rate 

You don’t want to be intrusive in your approach to reaching out to customers. The phone calls can be disturbing, and emails are inaccessible sometimes. That’s where the WhatsApp marketing strategy comes to play. According to a report, 40% of customers answer WhatsApp marketing messages from businesses.  

By using personalized messaging, you can bring in more conversions. As per statistics, messaging potential customers after the initial contact can increase the conversion rate by 112.6%. With WhatsApp marketing, you can send offers and coupons to customers to entice them to make purchases.  

  1. Better sales and easy payment  

By setting up a WhatsApp business account, you can make it easy for customers to place orders and make payments from WhatsApp. As per research, 60% of customers will use messengers to make purchases in the future.  

Now, it has become easy to convert prospects into paying customers through WhatsApp marketing. You can receive payments through your WhatsApp business app. It is also a safe payment method and thus people won’t hesitate to place orders through WhatsApp in the future. 

  1. Free of cost 

Sometimes, small business owners are tight on their budgets. WhatsApp business app is an excellent option as it’s completely free like their regular WhatsApp application. You can create a business profile with information like name, profile picture, business address, email address, business hours, description, service provided, etc. 

With your WhatsApp business profile, you can provide information to current and potential customers about your offerings. This way customers can message you when they want and see the contact which belongs to your business.  

How to create a WhatsApp marketing strategy?  

In this section, we will tell you how to do WhatsApp Marketing for your business. By planning your steps before you can eliminate the chances of something going wrong. Follow the steps given below for a WhatsApp marketing campaign to get the best results.  

  1. Define goals and KPIs 


To begin with marketing on WhatsApp, set up your marketing objectives first. This way you’ll be able to define what you want to achieve with WhatsApp marketing. Have a look at your current marketing strategy and find business goals that you can achieve through WhatsApp promotion.  

For instance, you find out that most of the people abandon their cart at the payment step. Then, you can send offers and coupons to them through WhatsApp persuading them to complete the purchase. In terms of WhatsApp promotion, the KPIs can be clicks, engagement, and promotions applied.  

  1. Identify your target audience 


For effective marketing with WhatsApp, you should determine your target audience. There are several ways through which you can define your target audience, like by creating a customer profile or researching your existing customers.  

To create a buyer persona, ask yourself the following questions.  

  • Who are the people using your product? 
  • What value do people get by using your products? 
  • What are the results they wish to achieve? 

While determining your target audience, make sure you don’t rely on just guesswork or assumptions.  

  1. Download the WhatsApp business app 


For WhatsApp advertising, you should download the WhatsApp business app. You can set up a business profile with important information like business description, email address, timing, etc. You can create a catalog and showcase your products or services to customers just through WhatsApp.  

The labels feature allows you to organize your chats with customers based on their buying journey stage. With quick and automated replies, you can reduce your response time. The statistics can help you keep a check on sent, read, delivered, and received messages.  

  1. Build a brand persona 

People like to communicate with other people instead of chatbots. For a successful WhatsApp marketing strategy, you need to create your brand persona. By making a brand persona, you can make people feel they are communicating with a person, not an automated system. For creating a brand persona, you need to decide on attitudes, traits, and values that your brand shares.  

Have a look at different brands and what type of personas they exhibit. For example, Apple depicts a creative and intellectual image, Swiggy- happy, easy-going, and humorous, and Nike- strong and passionate. You need to determine your brand personality and decide on the tone of voice that you would use to communicate with people.  

  1. Make a contact list 

If you’re using WhatsApp as a customer support channel, you need to make a contact list. To build a contact list you can use subscription forms. Place subscription forms on your website or use lead magnet content.  

You can also create multichannel forms where people can select the channels where they want to receive updates like email, WhatsApp, etc. This way you can reach customers on channels where they prefer. With this approach, you can have a high engagement rate and boost conversions. 

  1. Personalized messages 

By creating interesting and personalized WhatsApp messages, you can have a good open rate. For making people read your messages, you must create high-quality and relevant content. Think about what information your prospects would like to receive and the message you want to deliver.  

With WhatsApp marketing, you don’t need to keep your messages just promotional, you can send messages to inform, educate, and entertain prospects. This way you can better engage with potential buyers and push them ahead in the funnel.  

Often, people don’t like to read long messages on WhatsApp. Thus, try to keep your messages short and sweet. You can use different multimedia like images, videos, animations, etc for WhatsApp marketing.  

Remember, don’t send too many WhatsApp marketing messages to people. Sending too many messages can piss them off and they might block you. The most common WhatsApp marketing practice is sending 5-10 messages weekly.  

  1. Provide good customer service 

Nowadays, most of the people prefer using messaging apps for getting customer support instead of other marketing channels. As per a report, 59% of people say they receive responses faster via messengers compared to other channels.  

WhatsApp marketing enables businesses to answer customers’ queries fast and offer real-time support. You can provide round-the-clock customer support with automated replies. By deploying WhatsApp chatbot you can reduce your customer support costs by 30%.  

Top WhatsApp marketing strategies that you can implement  

By implementing the best WhatsApp digital marketing, you can improve customer engagement and increase conversions. In this section, we will give you the best WhatsApp marketing strategies that you can use in your business.  

  1. Personalized customer communication 

WhatsApp marketing enables you to send different types of messages like images, videos, PDFs, etc, you can send personalized messages to customers and even use emojis. By using personalized customer communication, you can make people feel you hear them. You can also target customers based on their sales funnel journey.  

  1. Automate support with WhatsApp chatbot 

By utilizing WhatsApp chatbot you can be available to your customers 24X7. A WhatsApp chatbot can quickly interpret customer queries and respond accordingly. According to a report, Chatbots can answer up to 80% of user queries without any human intervention. It can also help you to give personalized recommendations to customers based on their answers.  

  1. Send promotional messages via WhatsApp

By doing WhatsApp marketing, you can send promotional messages to your prospective customers. You can send them offers, discounts, festive offers, new product launch, and end-of-season sales offer to entice them to convert. You can bulk broadcast WhatsApp promotional messages and increase your sales 3X times. 

  1. Add a WhatsApp button to your website 

According to statistics, a website landing page has an average conversion rate of 2-5%. However, you can increase your conversion rate by directing people to your website. You can add a WhatsApp button to your website. By clicking on this button, people will be directed to WhatsApp where they can ask their queries about your products or services and get answers quickly. 

  1. Share WhatsApp links everywhere 

One of the best ways to bring customers to WhatsApp marketing is by sharing the WhatsApp link on different marketing channels. A WhatsApp link can help you drive customers from different channels. You can share your WhatsApp link on your social media bios, posts, and email campaigns.  

  1. Have loyalty programs for customers 

As per a report, “Companies that have loyalty programs are 88% more profitable than those that don’t.” Loyalty programs are special benefits offered to customers for staying with a business for a long time. By offering loyalty programs, you can give people a reason to stick with you and bring new customers to your business.  

How to set up WhatsApp marketing for your business? 


WhatsApp Business app is available for free for both Android and iOS users. Here, we have given a step-by-step guide to help you set up your WhatsApp business account. 

Step 1: Search for ‘WhatsApp Business’ on the Play Store or App Store and download the app.  

Step 2: Now, read the terms and conditions and accept them to proceed further.  

Step 3: Add your business mobile number. 

For setting up a WhatsApp business profile, you need a mobile number other than your personal number. WhatsApp will send an OTP on this number which you must put in to verify it. This number will be used as your WhatsApp business number.  

Step 4: Add your business information.  

Add your business name and official logo to the profile picture. Provide detailed information about your business to make it appear professional. You can create a catalog by adding images of your products or services. You can add your timings and location so that people get complete information from your profile itself.  

Step 5: Set up the payment option.  

For your business WhatsApp, you can send and receive payments by setting up the “Payments” option. Click on the settings option, go to the payment, and accept the WhatsApp payment policies. 

Next, select your bank name, fill in the details and an OTP will be sent to the registered number. Once the OTP is verified, you need to set a UPI pin for transactions in the future. With your WhatsApp UPI ID, anyone can send you payments through WhatsApp.  

Best WhatsApp marketing tips  


In the above section, we have discussed the best WhatsApp marketing strategies. Now, we will provide you with more tips that you can implement to get better results.  

  1. Create broadcast lists 

With broadcast lists, you can create a group of recipients based on different attributes. These contacts can’t see each other. You can message them together and they will receive your message separately. A broadcast list is like a mailing list.  

By creating broadcast lists you can send relevant messages to prospects based on their interests. For example, you can create a broadcast list for your VIP customers and send them exclusive offers and promotions.  

  1. Upload WhatsApp statuses 

Like Facebook and Instagram stories, you can upload WhatsApp statuses. You can share texts and multimedia files with your contacts. This way you can showcase your new products or services to your prospective customers. The statuses expire after 24 hours. Therefore, you can use them to share special offers or one-day valid promo codes.  

  1. Create group chats 

You can create a WhatsApp group for your customers where they can see and interact with each other. This way you can engage with your customers effectively. With group chats, you can encourage group discussions between your customers. You can also participate in these conversations and address any doubts or questions that they have.  

When you create groups for WhatsApp marketing, remember don’t only talk about your products or services as it might piss off people. Think about the topics that will interest your prospects and create discussions accordingly.  

  1. Add a product catalog 

For WhatsApp marketing, you must create product catalogs that’ll help you to showcase your products to customers. With this feature, you can add up to 500 items to the WhatsApp Product Catalog list. The customers can see these items with pricing and ask you questions related to them.  

WhatsApp Catalog can be extremely successful for small businesses that don’t have a website. You can share the WhatsApp Catalog link with customers anywhere online. WhatsApp marketing is a good way to increase brand awareness and improve customer relationships.  

WhatsApp marketing: The conclusion  

WhatsApp marketing can help you reach your customers personally and improve customer experience. You can provide your customers with a way to interact with your business whenever they want. WebMaxy eGrowth is an eCommerce management platform that can help you create and conduct WhatsApp campaigns.  

Additionally, Webmaxy eGrowth comes with a wide range of features like a KPI dashboard, marketing insights, conversion dashboard, audience segmentationmarketing automation, social campaigns, email marketing, customer loyalty, help desk, and retargeting.  

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How to do WhatsApp marketing? 

You can do WhatsApp marketing with the help of WebMaxy WhatsApp Commerce. You can create message templates based on the buyer’s journey stage and their recent activity. You can send them WhatsApp messages and reinforce your brand & entice them to make purchases.   

What is WhatsApp marketing tools? 

WhatsApp marketing tools refer to the software that enables businesses send out marketing messages in bulk via WhatsApp. Webmaxy eGrowth is a WhatsApp marketing tool that can help you reach customers effectively with WhatsApp campaigns. You can segment your customers based on their traits and target them with personalized messaging. 

How can I use WhatsApp marketing without getting banned? 

You can use WhatsApp marketing without getting banned by using the WhatsApp business app. You must take the consent of users before sending them the messages. Make sure that you abide by the WhatsApp guidelines for sending bulk messages. Also, keep in mind that you don’t send too many messages in a short time span as it might make customers block you. 

Is WhatsApp marketing worth it? 

Yes, WhatsApp marketing is worth it as it enables you to connect with your customers directly. You can increase your brand awareness and enhance customer experience. You can deliver personalized messages and send the best offers that entice customers to make purchases. 


What is the downside of WhatsApp business? 

WhatsApp business offers basic features like quick replies and automated messages. The downside of the WhatsApp business is that it lacks advanced features like scheduling messages and creating custom workflows. However, you can use Webmaxy eGrowth to create, schedule, and conduct WhatsApp campaigns. 


Why you should include WhatsApp marketing in your social strategy? 

You must include WhatsApp marketing in your social strategy as it can help you increase brand awareness and bring in new customers. With Webmaxy eGrowth WhatsApp marketing, you can create customer segments and target them with personalized messages. This way you’ll be better able to attract customers and drive conversions. 


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