There are plenty of critical situations we have to face during household chores. Therefore as a homeowner we must be adaptive to such situations. One of them is plumbing emergencies. Water is one of the prime elements that are absolutely essential to perform all the household chores within time. After getting out of bed, from brushing your teeth to taking a bath, preparing food to washing clothes, there is no single task where water is not needed. Besides this proper drainage system should be there. Otherwise it will be a mess for the homeowner. Are you one of those who are completely aware of plumbing tips to manage emergency plumbing situations?

If not then you have come to the right place. You can use a temporary fix to get the burst pipe stopped. This is what we are going to talk about today. Till the professional emergency plumber singapore arrives, you will try a few quick fixes. Come discover more about them with us.

Practical Plumbing Advice for Every Household –

Is it really necessary to know about plumbing advices? It is absolutely imperative to keep in mind all the advice that will save you from unexpected plumbing related hassles. Below we have mentioned some of them. Let us go through them.

* As it can clog the drain pipes, grease and oil should never be poured down the drain.

* Plan on having your sewer line inspected annually because debris, tree roots and shifting ground can cause cracks, leaks, and backups in your system.

* Ladies’ personal hygiene products should never be flushed or thrown down the toilet.

* As wipes clog drain pipes as well, they should always be kept away from drainage systems.

* Use strainers in the sink, so that they will catch up with discarded food stuff.

* Steer clear of toilet cleaners with strong chemicals as they can cause pipe corrosion.

* Avoid tossing food scraps and hair down the drain pipe as this will cause a major blockage.

* A water alarm can be installed to assist in identifying leaks early and avert major water damage.

Plumbing Advice to Have on Hand in Case of an Emergency at Home –

Many people do not know what to do during pipe bursts or any other plumbing emergencies when experts are not around. This brings us to our topic of discussion for today. Let us look at some doable solutions for pipe bursts while we wait for the plumber to arrive.

Shut Off the Water

This is the first and the obvious thing to do if you experience any kind of plumbing emergency. You must turn off the switch if you do not have this option. The water supply in one room, like a bathroom, may be isolated from the rest depending on how bad the leak is. It is strongly advised to turn off the water connection switch before beginning to inspect, replace or disassemble the parts. Otherwise, when you begin the task and water starts to suddenly come out of several places, it will become a mess. However, On the other hand, you will need to find the location of the water main shut off for your entire property if the leak is more serious. After the water flow is completely off then you can start inspecting the reason for the pipe burst or leak. If any of the electrical connection is added with pipe then you can seek help from an emergency electrical service provider as well.

Let the Cleanout Valve Open

When an emergency plumbing situation arises, at that time we do not know what to do and how to control the entire thing. Therefore first of all shutting off the main water supply then try to inspect the pipe. If you see any kind of leak then it is clear to you and the rest things is up to you whether you call for professional help or mend it by yourself. But if the entire thing is not at all easy as it seems then the problem might be with an overflowing toilet or drain. In this case you have to open the cleanout valve and inspect it. It might be prudent to ask the emergency plumber in Singapore for advice when you call because there might be hygienic concerns associated with this.

Go Through Sinks and Pipe Clogs

Besides the pipes and the valves, one must go through the sinks and other pipes too. As we do not know what the source of plumbing issues is, therefore do not forget to check kitchen sinks and pipes. Whenever we cook food, we tend to through solid or semi solid stuff in the sink. Sometimes we throw oil into the sink while cooking. But it is one of the prime reasons that cause serious clogs in the pipe. Apart from that foodstuff and plastic products are responsible for creating blockages in the pipe. As we all know there are blockages removals can be get from the market but make sure that these products contain mild chemicals. Otherwise it will react with the pipe material and create serious damage to the pipe due to corrosion.

Changing Machine Hoses

Do you know that some of the refrigeration systems and all the washing machines contain hoses that are connected to waterlines? Yes, it is completely true. To connect the water line with the washing machine and other household appliances, hoses are required to connect the waterline. But over time, plastic hoses become degraded and it may cause damage to the pipes. Therefore routine inspection is a must. If you experience some kind of cracks then seek help from an experienced emergency plumber in Singapore.

A Few Last Words –

We have come to the end of today’s discussion. We are pretty sure that our entire discussion and tips regarding emergency plumbing services will be fruitful for you. Obviously we will contact a professional plumbing service provider. But till professional assistance comes, we can manage emergency situations with the help of these above mentioned tips. Among the many outstanding professional services it provides is assisting homeowners in preventing future issues. Therefore must go through these tips and save them for handling crisis situations.