Mini trucks are very useful and suitable for short intra-city deliveries, plying on narrow village roads, long highway hauls carrying small bulky loads, or even heavy cargo. Before the coming of mini trucks to India, this segment was being catered to by three-wheelers. 

Here are the Top 2 Mini Trucks in India

  • Mahindra Supro

Mahindra Supro series price ranges from Rs. 5.29 Lakhs to Rs. 8.75 Lakhs. The models in this series cover school vans, patient ambulances, and passenger carriages. The seating capacity of its travellers ranges from 5 – 10, excluding drivers.  

This series has Mahindra’s powerful direct injection (DI) diesel engine. Also, the models are powered by diesel and CNG fuels, generating a power range of 26 HP to 47 HP. Mahindra Supro’s mileage range of 19 KMPL to 24 KMPL is excellent enough to carry fuel efficiency. They fit with 4 tyres and ELR seat belts for better protection and safety features. 

  • Tata ACE

Tata Ace mini truck models are available in India at a price range from Rs 4.21 Lakhs to 9.22 Lakhs. This series of models has been India’s number-one mini truck choice for intra-city cargo transportation. 

Tata Ace Gold CNG Plus, Tata Ace Gold Diesel, Tata Ace Gold CNG, etc., are some popular models within the series. The Chota Hathi series is available in multiple fuel types: diesel, CNG, Petrol & LPG. So, if you’re looking for a CV that is ideal for intra-city cargo movement, this series is the best option on the market. Also, the vehicle has great manoeuvrability in congested areas for easy driving.

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